JEREMY Clarkson and Kaleb Cooper ripped into Countryfile for their positive reporting on badgers recently.

The Clarkson Farm stars were not happy with the way the animals were portrayed on the show, and hit out on social media.

In the Countryfile segment viewers at home had been welcomed to send in videos showing acts of kindness to wild animals in Britain.

A woman from Harrogate sent in a clip of the picnic bench she'd prepared for the fluffy creatures.

But Jeremy Clarkson was quick to share the video on social media, unhappily captioning it: "FFS."

Farming contractor Kaleb Cooper responded "Just thinking the same" with a face palm emoji.


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The pair had previously shared how badly the animals can affect cattle in Clarkson's Farm.

Fans flocked to the comments to agree that badgers are a "nightmare" if you have a farm.

One person fumed: "I HATE badgers. Besides eating every hedgehog in England they’re just like teenagers.

"They sleep all day, stay up all night, transmit diseases, and when the sun comes up they go back to bed again."

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Another agreed: "They should balance that idiotic piece of propaganda by talking to a farmer who has lost his cattle to TB, makes me so angry."

A third fretted: "I had to turn over… just fills me with dread and worry just seeing them."

Some viewers even expressed their strong views that badgers should not be legally protected from hunting in England.

One wrote: "If I were King of Britain I would not only remove the protections badgers have been taking advantage of for decades, but I would declare open season on them."

Another questioned: "Why are you not allowed to hunt this spawn of hell in England ???"

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