ITV'S Des has got viewers hooked with its grisly story about the true crimes of mass murderer Dennis Nilsen.

But some people have been left confused as to why the serial killer's nickname was Des.

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Is Des a common nickname for the name Dennis?

In ITV's Des, killer Dennis Nilsen introduces himself by saying: "Call me Des."

Des is NOT usually a nickname for some called Dennis.

It is of course the shortened version of the name Desmond.

Des wouldn't usually be used to shorten the name of someone called Dennis

What are the common nicknames for the name Dennis?

There are many nicknames for someone called Dennis, and they include:

  • Den
  • Denny
  • Deni

What does the name Dennis mean?

The name Dennis means Devotee Of Dionysos.

It is originally from the Greek name Dionysius.

It can also be spelt Denis.

Did Dennis Nilsen go by the nickname Des in real life?

In real life, the mass-murderer DID go by the nickname – and for a rather sinister reason. 

‘Des’ was the name Dennis Nilsen had made in order to lure his victims back to his flat and to kill them.

He was found guilty of 12 murders, but it is believed he killed more.

The show is based on biographer Brian Masters' Killing for Company and in it Masters explains that police first thought Nilsen's name was Desmond.

In the book, Masters says: "Judging by letters left in the hall on the ground floor for 'Des Nilsen' they assumed his name was Desmond."

When is Des on TV?

You can catch the second episode of Des TONIGHT (September 15, 2020).

It will be on at 9pm on ITV.

You can catch the last episode tomorrow night (September 16, 2020) at the same time.

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