I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! campmatesNella Rose and Fred Sirieix have put their row behind them, just days after the pair clashed in a heated exchange.

Despite having spent less than a week together in the Australian jungle, Nella and Fred have been on rocky ground after the YouTuber took offence to Fred saying he was old enough to be “her father”.

26 year old Nella was taken aback by the First Dates star’s choice of words, especially as she'd opened up to him about losing both her parents, and told him that while she accepted his apology, she did not want to be his friend.

However, in today’s episode (Thursday 23 November), the duo appeared to put their differences aside as the campmates were split into two groups of five, led by newbies Frankie Dettori and Tony Bellew.

After being divided into their two camps, they learned that the new coaches needed a pair of campmates to go head-to-head in the Slam Dunk’d challenge.

As a result, over in main camp Nella volunteered to go while 51 year old Fred offered to go with her. “I’ll go, I’ll go with Nella. We’re going to go for the win,” he said.

Commenting on the matter, Danielle Harold headed to the Bush Telegraph where she said: “Fred and Nella have both volunteered to go out for the challenge today… I reckon this will bond them even closer.”

In the ‘Away’ camp, Nick Pickard and Marvin Humes decided to pair up and the two groups kickstarted the challenge.

Reading the rules, Nella explained: “Welcome to the first play off, Slam Dunk’d. One team member must try to shoot hoops while the other takes a seat over the ice tank.

“The basketball net will only stay in position when the celebrity sitting over the ice tank is touching both the balls on either side of the chair. For every hoop you score you’ll earn three points for your team. For every hoop you overshoot, your teammate will be dunked and you’ll lose a point. Tactical dumping of your opponent is permitted.”

The scenes come after First Dates starsCici Coleman and Laura Tott had their say on the tension between Nella and Fred.

While on This Morning, Cici said: “Look, you are in a pressure cooker, right, you are with ten people constantly, you're not sleeping, you're not eating, there's a lot going on, so I think this kind of behaviour is going to happen.

“They are going to have moments where things are misconstrued, misunderstood, and it's normal, these will happen.”

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