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    Nella Rose has been axed from I'm A Celebrity, and she said "It is what it is" when addressing disagreements in cmap.

    The YouTube star, 26, caused controversy during her time in camp as she ruffled feathers amongst her campmates and viewers alike. But despite the mixed reaction from fans, Nella proved to a favourite amongst her co-stars as she was later crowned as the camp leader.

    Hearing the news, she said: "Ohhhh! Oh my god, oh my god thank you guys so much" and hugged her campmates.

    Tony Bellew told her: "You are a winner, you've done amazing."

    Her exit came just 24 hours after viewers had seen her do her eighth bush tucker trial Fright At The Museum which was a huge success, but she was regularly chosen by the public to do trials after she was seen complaining about them earlier in the series.

    After winning her nine stars she ended her jungle journey on a high and she said: "Normally when I get scared, I tend to run away. This time. I stuck through with it. I'm super proud of myself."

    But her main problem in camp seemed to be clashing with others and becoming upset by comments made by her campmates.

    In the third show of the series, she famously clashed with Fred Sirieix and told him "I accept your apology but let’s not be friends."

    The row seemed to start from a fairly innocuous comment by Fred about his age saying he "could be her dad" but Nella was offended by as they had previously discussed her parents had died.

    Nella told him: “You know that my mum’s dead, and you know that my dad’s dead. You know that, right? I’ve come to find out that every time I wanna get creative around the fire, or I want to have something my way, my own food that I am entitled to, my way, you tend to get an attitude, right?

    "To me, I don’t care how you said it to me, it’s disrespectful and I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t want to be around you."

    The pair eventually made up but it was one of a series of rows Nella had in camp, and she clashed with Nigel Farage several times over immigration and Cultural appropriation. These rows seem to encourage viewers to put her up for bushtucker trials.

    In episode four she said she wanted to quit the show, and insisted if Jamie Lynn had quit earlier that day she would have followed her.

    Nella told Grace Dent at the time she doesn’t follow through with things and she had struggled with focus in life after the death of her father.

    She explained: “I’ve never, ever in my life started something and finished it. Ever. I always quit, or I always sign on short term or if I don’t like it I can leave… this is the one thing I said I’m going to try and stick it through but I can already see myself… if I get in my head too much…”

    Grace asked: “Do you bolt, you run the minute things start to pick up?”

    Nella added: “When I was younger I was put in a lot of situations that I had no control over. I was sad and miserable. So now that I have the control over my happiness and the things I want to do I think I’m kind of, I’ve become obsessed with it: ‘Oh, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.’

    Nella then admitted: “If Jamie left yesterday I would have been right behind her… I’m leaving. I just don’t want to be the first.”

    She threatened to walk several more times and rumours suggested bosses spoke to her in the bush telegraph to calm her and stop her leaving. Now she has left via the conventional route of eviction.

    It could also be an interesting time to be at the hotel where the contestants and friends and families stay on the Gold Coast. Nella will soon discover that Farage's girlfriend Laure Ferrari dubbed her "a snowflake".

    Nella is actually the fourth campmate to leave the show, following Frankie Dettori who was first evicted, and food critic Grace Dent and actor Jamie Lynn Spears who both quit the show last week, leaving on "medical grounds"

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