Ah what to do with Homer Simpson, the loveable bonehead who leads The Simpsons.

As a father of three with a job at the Nuclear Power Plant, the character – voiced by Dan Castellaneta – still seems to get himself into some hair-raising situations.

Over the past 31 seasons of the Fox programme, Homer has managed to achieve the unthinkable – from ruining an ant farm in deep space to creating an incredibly addictive tomato, tobacco hybrid (AKA tomacco), Homer J Simpson is the gift that keeps on giving.

With his ever-patient wife Marge by his side, Homer’s managed to land himself in hell, become the right-hand man to a global supervillain, design a car to great failure, meet numerous presidents, and become friends with Hollywood stars like it ain’t no thing.

But, what we want to know is, how well do you know Homer Simpson?

Take our quiz to find out if we’re dealing more with a woo hoo! Or a D’oh…

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