Today’s episode of Good Morning Britain debated whether it is okay to drink breast milk, after Brody Jenner released a video of himself making a cup of coffee using his fiancée’s breast milk.

Hosts Susanna Reid and Ed Balls were joined by presenter and mum of two Danielle Mason and broadcaster Reya El-Salahi on Wednesday, 11 October to discuss the controversial topic.

Danielle explained she doesn’t see a problem if her partner wanted to try her breast milk, while Reya insisted that the milk is just for babies.

Speaking on the ITV daytime show, Danielle said: “It does taste like almond milk. I have tasted my own, and my children's father – I put it in his tea.”

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She later added that her partner would be “quite happy” to try some of her milk.

Danielle explained: “I don't see the difference with breast feeding a baby and if your partner wants to try your breast milk. There are no partners that haven’t at least tried it.”

On the other hand, Reya said that she feels like it is down to how much effort the mum puts in, as it may have taken several hours to pump the milk, adding she may have been eating a certain diet to make sure the milk is the best it can be for the baby.

She added she doesn’t like the idea that it is going “into the mouth of an adult rather than the baby it was intended for.”

Raya said: “There is a reason that a lot of people feel grossed out by it, but for me personally, I don't think it's a disgusting thing to do because I breastfed my daughter. But it's meant for babies, not adults.”

However, Danielle said the two adults had already swapped body fluids if they've had children together, as she explained: “It's very good for muscle building, it has got nutrients in it.

“Not only that, but you have already swapped [bodily fluids]. You and your partner have had a baby together. I am sure you have tasted worse things.”

Despite her point, Reya argued: “The whole point of it is it's meant for babies, it's made by your body, especially for your baby, if your baby has the flu, it changes its antibodies.”

The move comes after Brody, 40, said that the coffee he made with the breast milk was “delicious.”

Brody shared a video of him making the drink with the breast milk as a creamer.

He had just found out that they had run out of almond milk, so opted for breast milk to make the coffee for him and Tia Blanco, who welcomed their baby Honey Raye in July.

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