GAME of Thrones fans were shocked after spotting "scrubbed up" Yara Greyjoy in new BBC drama Gentleman Jack.

Actress Gemma Whelan stars alongside Doctor Foster's Suranne Jones as bickering sisters Marian and Anne Lister.

The 37-year-old is most known for playing the role of warrior Yara in the smash-hit fantasy series.

One said: "It's Yara Greyjoy! #GentlemanJack."

Another said: "Yara Greyjoy scrubs up well.#GentlemanJackHBO#GentlemanJack."

Someone else added: "It is weird seeing Yara Greyjoy in #gentlemanjack !! Seeing anyone who is in GOT in a show that is not GOT is really weird.

"Like sis, you are Yara Greyjoy, you do not belong in a multicolored dress!!! #GentlemanJack."

Gemma also drew the plaudits for her gripping portrayal of Karen Matthews in hit TV drama The Moorside.

Last year, she appeared in Decline and Fall, a star-studded BBC adaptation of Evelyn Waugh's satire.

In Gentleman Jack she plays the disapproving sister 
of lesbian landowner Anne.

Anne is said to be Britain's "first modern lesbian"who enjoyed a string of scandalous same-sex affairs before the term lesbian was even coined.

The wealthy Yorkshire landowner, born in 1791, recorded her adventures in 26 volumes of secret diaries so saucy that her fearful family kept them hidden long after her death.

Lister also encrypted the sexual detail in a mix of Greek and her own codewords — for fear of the law of the time — and only in the 1980s was this ever translated.

To refer to orgasms, she wrote the word kiss, while diary entries had Xs in the margin for how many climaxes she had that day.

Lister’s term for use of sex toys was “saffic regard”.

Lister’s diaries remained undiscovered for another 50 years, untilJohn Lister, the last family member to live at Shibden Hall, and his friend Arthur Burrell decoded them.

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