Fans of Friends have been binge-watching episodes ever since it landed on Netflix last year, and some viewers have spotted a huge error between the end of season six and the beginning of season seven. 

Friends originally aired in a time before streaming online and so it is only now that certain continuity errors have come to light.

Reddit user blessedandamess discovered a massive blunder between Chandler Bing’s (played by Matthew Perry) appearance between the season six finale, The One With The Proposal, and season seven opener, The One With Monica’s Thunder.

The user noticed that Chandler is sporting very different haircuts in the different episodes, even though they are intended to only be a day apart in time.

“The one where Chandler went from XL to M in one night. They couldn’t even give him the same haircut?” the reddit user posted.

In the season six finale, Chandler tells Monica (Courtney Cox) that he’s not interested in marriage to throw her off the scent that he’s actually planning to propose.

However, her ex Richard Burke (Tom Selleck) turns up and Joey is forced to tell Monica of Chandler’s plans to stop her from leaving him.

Monica then proposes to Chandler and the following episode, where Chandler looks noticeably different, deals with the aftermath of the engagement.

Commenting on the original thread, one Reddit user posted their explanation for the sudden change in appearance. 

Reddit user, that-boy-aint-right joked: “He was so nervous about proposing to her that he lost 30 pounds in one night. Doctors hate him!”

In other Friends news, a heartwarming message hidden behind Ross Geller’s (David Schwimmer) T-shirt was revealed.

In the episode, The One With The Tea Leaves, Ross wears a grey T-shirt that includes a reference to Friends. 

The clothing is embalmed with a blue circle in the middle of the chest and within it is a white symbol that looks like two hands joined together.

After watching the episode, Reddit fan moodparkour explained the sign means friends in sign language.

Fans who saw the post were quick to comment on the heartwarming message.

One fan wrote: “That’s some wholesome s**t.*

Another commented: “That’s pretty cool, and something actually new I haven’t heard before about the show.”

A third remarked: “You always see these ’10 things you never knew about friends!’ lists on s****y clickbait websites that’s just the same stuff any fan would know! 

“This is actually a new thing I’ve not heard before!”

It looks like the show was trying to spread the message of friendship in more ways than one.

Friends is available on Netflix.

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