Cathy’s (Gabrielle Dowling) period symptoms have been off the charts in Emmerdale, but when she learns the truth behind what’s going on with her body, she’s left floored with the new diagnosis.

Things have been so bad for Cathy that even the women in her life have struggled to relate.

Her behaviour hasn’t fitted into the usual remit of PMT and Cathy has been left isolated as those confused by her behaviour have taken a step back. This had devastating consequences, culminating in a manic episode, which saw the struggling teen hospitalised.

Bernice (Samantha Giles) and Wendy (Susan Cookson) do their best to support Bob (Tony Audenshaw) in the wake of this as he tries to find his way through this unprecedented situation, but it’s tough. Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) and Wendy discuss Cathy’s case and believe they have come up with an idea of what could be causing her distress.

Manpreet then takes her findings to Bob – she believes Cathy to have Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder.

Cathy finds out her own diagnosis by overhearing Manpreet telling her dad and she’s distraught to realise this diagnosis will impact her for decades. Reality hits that there truly is something wrong.

Bob discovers Cathy overheard the lot and he assures her he is ready to step up the support. It’s too little too late and Cathy is not in a place to hear his positivity, so she disappears. Will Bob be able to find her and get through?

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