Emmerdale fans were left in stitches on Tuesday night, when one of the village's most unexpected residents was spotted spontaneously stripping off in front of her friends!

The unlikely scenes all kicked off following the success of mental health support group Man Club in the village, when new B&B owner Bernice Blackstock was keen to attempt something similar herself for the menopausal women of the village.

In her first event hoping to attract a new crowd and earn the approval of her peers, Bernice decided to host a life drawing class, complete with its very own naked model.

However one thing she hadn’t bargained for, was the model suddenly becoming unwell with a cold and unable to take part, leaving her fledgeling new event in tatters before it had even started.

Rather than admitting defeat, Bernice quickly came up with a solution, and in scenes none of the villagers could have seen coming, Bernice herself quickly whipped her kit off to pose for the class.

In an additional twist, Heath Hope had caught wind of a life drawing class taking place, and proceeded to take a snap of Bernice in the buff, with a little help from Elliot, only to suddenly realise afterwards that they were staring at a very familiar face indeed.

Fans at home couldn’t stop laughing at the scenes, with many praising the nice change of pace and added dose of levity that the episode had brought after several weeks of more harrowing storylines.

“BERNICE! I know you want to do the fandango but this is going too far! Did anyone see Brenda and Nicola's faces during that!,” wrote one viewer on twitter.

While a second echoed Bernice’s own quote from the show as they wrote: “Make this woman a Monet-pausal masterpiece!”

Before a third fan soon quipped: “I take it Bernice was having a hot flush to strip off that quickly…”

Meanwhile a fourth fan, added: “Oh for goodness sake Brenda, calm down. What was that clapping nonsense when she saw Bernice had taken off her clothes quicker than she got dressed.”

Before another viewer weighed in and wrote: “Bernice out with the fire crackers, fair play.”

"This is the Emmerdale I know and love," gushed another fan, before continuing: "So nice to have some silliness and fun in the show again."


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