TWISTS and turns are in store for the end of the year in the Dales – but who will be involved?

From shock exits to a thunderous arrival – get the lowdown on all of Emmerdale's comings and goings.

Caleb Milligan (Will Ash) – joining

The Emmerdale line-up will be welcoming a new face in upcoming scenes as former Waterloo Road star Will Ash is taking on the role of Caleb Milligan.

As previously reported, Caleb is none other than Cain and Chas' secret brother.

A successful businessman, Caleb rocks up the village in search for answers about his blood relatives and even pays Cain a visit in prison.

But while the tough man knew about him, it's clear that Chas had no clue he even existed.

Emmerdale boss Laura Shaw teased Caleb's arrival would occur on Christmas Day.

"We are absolutely delighted to welcome Will Ash to the Village. It's fantastic to have such a high-calibre and immensely talented actor join our wonderful team", she said.

"Arriving on screen on Christmas Day, Caleb has to undoubtedly be the most unexpected and shocking Christmas gift Cain and Chas have ever received!"

Caleb will be in stark contrast with his quick-tempered brother Cain as he'll supposedly be "calm and in control" but also "rich and successful."

"His arrival certainly promises to shake things up for the Dingles and make 2023 start off with a huge bang!", Laura promised.

What trouble will he bring to the Dingles?

Priya Sharma (Fiona Wade) – leaving

More than a decade has passed since Fiona Wade first stepped into Emmerdale and the soap star has decided it's time for her to move on.

According to recent reports, the actress has quit her role as Priya Sharma.

She's due to leave in upcoming months but her exit storyline has yet to be revealed.

For the past year, the wedding planner was focusing on her long-term recovery from burns sustained in the maze fire in October, 2021.

How will her exit play out?

Could viewers see Fiona in yet another soap role?

Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) – left 

Laura Norton is on maternity leave after she announced her pregnancy.

Her and her partner (former co-star Mark Jordon) welcomed a daughter named Ronnie in October.

On-screen, however, Kerry was met with major heartbreak when she found out her late boyfriend Al Chapman had been unfaithful to her.

Her long-lost daughter Chloe Harris made the discovery but had no clue who could be the businessman's mystery lover.

As viewers know, Al was planning to leave Emmerdale with Chas Dingle and her daughter Eve.

In the aftermath of Al's secrets being revealed, Kerry found herself demoralised and, unable to cope, she decided to leave the Dales.

She took a job on a cruise ship, leaving Chloe and her eldest daughter Amy behind.

Can soap fans expect to see more of her?

Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) – left

Much like Laura Norton, actress Michelle Hardwick left the ITV village to go on maternity leave at the end of November.

The soap star gave birth to her second child with Emmerdale producer Kate Brooks at the same time her final scenes were aired.

The village vet left the village for a year-long job in Canada after falling out with her pal Rhona Goskirk.

Her relationship with Suzy Merton was also impacted due to a lack of trust as she feared the newcomer would become addicted to drugs again.

But Vanessa eventually made up with Rhona and even shared a final kiss with Suzy before departing with her son Johnny.

Will she return?

Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) – returned

After finding out that her fiancé Nate had been unfaithful to her, Tracy struggles to forgive his lies and kicks him out of their home.

But when she is offered a new job in Nottingham, Tracy weighs out the pros and the cons before deciding to leave the Dales. 

Tracy's exit storyline aired on screens in January, 2022, as both Nate and her sister Vanessa tried to convinced her to stay.

The former then had a change of heart and encouraged Tracy to shoot her shot and go pursue her dream job.

Tracy left the village with her daughter Frankie.

Off-screen, however, actress Amy Walsh left on maternity leave.

She welcomed her first child after a "tough" birth with partner and EastEnders star Toby-Alexander Smith in January, 2022.

During her Emmerdale exit chat, Amy teased a potential return for her character.

"If she fails, then she can always come back, which she will probably do in about a year's time!"

In recent weeks, Nate found out through Tracy that she has a new fella in her life – while Toby-Alexander Smith has been rumoured to join the Emmerdale cast as his other half's on-screen boyfriend.

Tracy made an explosive return ahead of Emmerdale's anniversary, shocking viewers and former fiancé Nate Robinson when she announced she was engaged to another man – but this didn't stop her from shacking up with Nate.

Ready to rekindle their relationship, she was shocked to see Nate alongside his new girlfriend Naomi Anderson.

Hurt, Tracy made the decision to pack up and return to Nottingham.

Could she return?

Naomi Walters (Karene Peter) – joined

Speaking of Naomi, actress Karene Peter made her Emmerdale debut in July, 2022, a year after she was first mentioned to her on-screen long-lost father Charles.

The village vicar went on a mission to try and find her when he was told she could be in trouble.

He eventually found her working at a bar but their first encounter led to her losing her job.

A penniless Naomi ventured into Emmerdale to get money from Charles while Manpreet Sharma was convinced she was on the same path as her murderous sister Meena Jutla.

Naomi was accused of attacking Charles, which was later found to be untrue.

Unfortunately for her, Naomi was caught up with the past when Nicola King recognised her as one of the girls who assaulted and mugged her earlier in the year.

Naomi stood trial alongside her former friends but was found not guilty.

As mentioned above, she's been involved romantically with Nate Robinson and is finding her mark in the village.

How will she get on in upcoming weeks?

Faith Dingle (Sally Dexter) – left

The village veteran revealed she had been diagnosed with cancer over the summer, with Moira Barton (portrayed by Natalie J. Robb) being the only one she trusted with her secret.

Faith came clean about her condition to the rest of her family during a birthday party at The Woolpack, leaving her children, Cain and Chas, devastated.

To make matters worse, Faith later decided to give up on chemotherapy as she was told she was terminally ill, thus confirming that actress Sally Dexter will be leaving the show.

Since then, she has been trying to make memories with her loved ones, sometimes wreaking havoc along the way.

But in recent scenes of the Yorkshire-based drama, the character made the harrowing decision to die on her own terms by committing suicide.

Sally Dexter bowed out of the soap in heart-breaking scenes aired in October, ahead of the show's 50th anniversary.

She was later given a joint funeral with Liv Flaherty.

The 62-year-old actress made her debut in February, 2017, before leaving the show a first time two years later.

She reprised her role in 2021.

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Isobel Steele was one of the latest soap stars to leave the eponymous villageCredit: ITV

Liv Flaherty (Isobel Steele) – left

Reports claimed Isobel Steele, who has been playing Liv Flaherty since the character's first appearance in February, 2016, was ready to start afresh away from the village.

Fans were shocked to learn from a source speaking to The Sun that the Hide Bistro barista could even be killed off during Emmerdale's anniversary week.

"It’s been a big decision for Isobel but she’s ready to try new things", the source claimed, before adding: "She feels like she’s done all she can at Emmerdale and wants to focus on her music career and make a real go of it."

"Bosses have pulled out all the stops for the 50th anniversary month and Isobel’s exit will be no different."

Liv was indeed killed off during an explosive storm week in October, 2022.

The beloved character succumbed to her injuries from being crushed by a caravan, thrown at her and her husband Vinny during the storm.

Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) – returned

Before her death, Liv was finally reunited with her brother, Aaron, a year after they had parted ways.

Actor Danny Miller left the program in December, 2021, just as his on-screen sister was accused of murdering his boyfriend Ben Tucker.

Liv was left alone, abandoned by her own behind bars with the exception of Vinny, to deal with the weight of a false accusation and her drinking problem resurfaced as she failed to cope.

At the time of his exit, the soap star's return seemed unlikely to fans as he took part in the newest series of I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

The 31-year-old then explained he was looking for new work opportunities and wanted to spend more time with his now-wife Steph Jones, as well as their son Albert.

The pair welcomed the little boy in October, 2021.

But in a surprising turn of events, it was confirmed Danny Miller would be reprising his role as Aaron Dingle ahead of Emmerdale's anniversary.

The actor had also teased a new romance for his on-screen alter ego and he could be coming back on a permanent basis. 

Aaron returned to the village as Liv was being attacked by Sandra's accomplice Terry.

Unlike his sister, he managed to survive storm week – but his relationship with his mother Chas Dingle was damaged, seemingly beyond repair.

During his stay in the Dales, Aaron found out Chas had been cheating on her husband Paddy with Al Chapman.

While she assured him they had called off the affair, Aaron found out Chas was lying.

The situation escalated and Chas stooped to all kinds of lows to stop Aaron from telling Paddy the truth.

He eventually left Emmerdale again, disowning his own mother as he admitted to being disgusted by her behaviour.

Will this really be his last stint in the village?

Diane Sugden (Elizabeth Estensen) – returned

The former Woolpack landlady will be coming back to the village after it was confirmed by bosses that Elizabeth Estensen will reprise her role ahead of Emmerdale's big anniversary celebrations.

Diane left the Dales in October, 2021, after selling her shares in The Grange.

Elizabeth had played the character for more than two decades and, at the time of her exit, no mention of a return had yet been made.

Diane made a quick comeback ahead of her friend Faith Dingle's death to celebrate the show's semi-centennial.

Her return seemed short-lived and temporary as viewers spotted her packing her suitcase in later scenes.

But have we really seen the last of Diane Sugden?

Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) – left

After battling with Chas Dingle and her family over the Woolpack, which he wanted to convert into luxury apartments, Al Chapman has taken a liking to the pub manager.

The pair have been having a secret love affair which began shortly after Chas found out her mother Faith had cancer.

Since then, the illicit lovers have been caught by Belle Dingle and made out that they would stop seeing each other.

However, Chas and Al have been struggling to step away from one another and carried on their romance behind closed doors and their respective partners' backs.

But in August, 2022, it was hinted that Harry Potter actor Michael Wildman would leave his role as the scheming businessman behind.

The soap star reportedly signed up for Panto, three years after wreaking havoc in Emmerdale.

Michael will appear in Sunderland Empire’s production of Aladdin, ready to play the part of another villain, Abanazar, starting from December 9, 2022.

Fans speculated his on-screen alter ego would be one of the many victims of storm week – but he survived the catastrophic weather.

Al was eventually killed off during a jaw-dropping showdown with Chas' brother Cain who found out about their affair.

The pair had been feuding for three long years before taking their row to a deadly level.

But not everything was as it seemed as Al was actually shot dead by Cain's young son Kyle.

Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) – left

Serial killer Meena (Paige Sandhu) made a narrow escape from justice at the beginning of 2022.

Prior to her escape, she had been holding her sister Manpreet Sharma and Vinny Dingle hostage and was planning to gas them alive.

Hellbent on revenge, however, the evil nurse made her return on Valentine's Day for Billy Fletcher and Dawn Taylor's wedding.

When Liam Cavanagh pushed her – seemingly to her death – from a bridge, Meena was taken to hospital… only to be charged with murder and taken into police custody.

Meena FINALLY faced justice for killing Leanna Cavanagh, Andrea Tate and Ben Tucker.

Although she tried to manipulate her way out of prison, Meena failed and was sentenced to 75 years behind bars after an intense trial.

During one final showdown with Manpreet, Meena admitted she killed their father.

Meena was last seen being dragged to her cell but fans are not convinced she is completely gone.

Most viewers were expecting the criminal to make a dramatic return to the front of the stage for Emmerdale's 50th anniversary.

But the murderer apparently won't be returning.


Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) – returning?

Alexander Lincoln's character made a shocking and quick return to Emmerdale in November, 2021, following the death of his ex-wife Andrea.

Jamie's fate had been left uncertain after he drove his car into a lake.

Presumed dead by his family, Jamie returned to the village to reunite with his daughter Millie (Willow Bell).

The young girl came to her grandmother Hazel's house to find her father, who then swept her away from the Dales and his scheming mother Kim.

In recent scenes of the soap, and as teased by Emmerdale bosses, Kim found out her son had actually faked his death and pushed Hazel down the stairs.

The truth first caught up with a terrified Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham), as she found proof Jamie is still alive.

Will Jamie shake things up at Home Farm again?

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Or could his young daughter take care of that without him?

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