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    EastEnders viewers are blasting tonight’s episode (May 8) as “insensitive” and “out of touch” as the square was seen celebrating the King’s Coronation.

    Fans were greeted with a transformed Albert Square adorned with flags and celebration as residents gathered to watch the King being crowned.

    But Linda was seen introducing the episode with a voiceover, in which she was heard saying "Because no matter what's going on if your life, how rich or poor you are, today is all about the Coronation.”

    Fans slammed the monologue, dubbing it “ridiculous.”

    “Yeah Linda it doesn't matter how rich or poor you are, the Coronation is the most important thing. What a ridiculous opening ffs. #Eastenders,” one viewer said.

    Another penned: “ #Eastenders can fu** right off with its Coronation propaganda. 'It doesn't matter how rich or poor you are' ? YES. IT. DOES.”

    A third chimed in: “"Because no matter what's going on if your life, how rich or poor you are" I'm sure poor people have bigger things to worry about than an old man getting crowned #EastEnders,” while a fourth raged: ““Don’t matter how rich or poor you are,” followed by a picture of Callum Highway looking very confused.

    Elsewhere, Linda and Alfie worked hard to ensure The Vic was ready for the festivities.

    Billy was desperate to make the day extra special for Lola to create some amazing family memories.

    Sonia woke up to birthday treats but no Reiss.

    Over at the café, Rocky told Kathy about overhearing Reiss on the phone to 'Debbie', but she told him to drop it as it was Sonia's birthday.

    As time ticked down to the coronation performance and Reiss was still missing, Rocky came close to sharing his suspicions with worried Sonia, but just in the nick of time, Reiss appeared.

    Later, Rocky demanded the truth from Reiss, and Sonia walked in and overheard.

    She was devastated when Reiss admitted he was married.

    Sonia went mad and demanded Reiss get out of her life, booting him out in front of the whole square.

    Karen was shocked by the news of Keanu and Sharon's engagement.

    Keanu turned down the idea of celebrating at The Vic for fear of enraging Nish.

    Terrified for her son's safety, Karen visited Suki to beg her, mother to mother, to get Nish to drop his vendetta.

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