She continued her thoughtful advice by assuring Suki that her sexuality was nothing to be ashamed of, before urging her once again to think of the consequences of coming clean about her affair to Nish.

Kim’s video has been seen by over 180,000 people, including the actors who play Suki and Eve, and people are loving it.

Balvinder Sopal called the video ‘quite brilliant’, while Heather Peace replied with a video of her own, showing her crying with laughter while begging ‘make it stop’.

Fans were also quick to respond, calling the video the ‘best thing they’ve ever watched’.

genuinely the best thing I have ever watched 💀

OmG I’m actually crying tears nah this is the best thing I’ve ever watched

I have tears rolling down my face!!

Suki and Eve’s relationship has captured the heart of fans, all urging Suki to leave abusive husband Nish to be with true love Eve.

The couple very nearly got their happily ever after earlier this year when they vowed to run away together after reporting Nish to the police for his dodgy dealings.

However, their plan fell apart when Nish received a tip off and managed to get away. Things only got worse when Vinny Panesar (Shiv Jalota) rumbled their affair, and forced Suki to choose between her family and Eve.

Put in an impossible situation, Suki chose her family, leaving Eve heartbroken.

However, fans are still hopeful that the couple can reunite. Will Suki take Kim’s advice and decide to stay with Nish, or will she take the risk and pursue a life of happiness with Eve?

Only time will tell.

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