Rocky Cotton is set to leaveEastEnders later this year, and fans think they've worked out his exit storyline after 'hints' in Thursday night's episode.

Rocky (Brian Conley) attempted to impress wife Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) at the car lot with a date night, having bought a takeaway and a bottle of wine, as the pair continue to struggle with living with Sonia and Reiss. However, Kathy wasn't best pleased by her husband's romantic idea due to her money worries.

She snapped at Rocky about him wasting money on food and a gift for her, leaving him deflated and apologetic. As he attempted to talk Kathy round, he lit a candle in the car lot to set the scene for their date, and many think the candle flame holds significance.

Reports have claimed that Kathy's cafe is set to go up in flames on the BBC soap in autumn and as Rocky continues to struggle to make ends meet, fans think he's set to burn down his wife's business in a bid to get insurance money.

Many EastEnders viewers took to social media to share their theories about his involvement in the reported fire, with one person saying: "Rocky is 100% burning down the cafe for insurance, they're struggling #EastEnders".

"rocky's exit is defo gonna be him burning down the cafe for insurance money. gambling is such a mug's game too, how can you be addicted to losing money? so stupid #EastEnders," a second fan said.

A third pointed out: "That scene with Rocky and Kathy is so interesting because Rocky lights a candle that is right infront of Kathy whilst she speaks about the cafe.. #EastEnders".

While a fourth person said: "I had a feeling that Rocky would be involved in the cafe fire. This could be what kills Karen which as a result sends Rocky to prison for murder or arson. I think he'll burn the cafe down for insurance money with Ian's backing for the Pie and Mash shop. #EastEnders".

In August, The Sun reported that a deliberate fire is set to take place on the Square and will leave certain Albert Square residents "fighting for their lives".

A source told the publication: "Bosses are staying tight-lipped about who's behind the attack and who is left fighting for their lives, but viewers can expect lots of drama as the storyline unfolds on-screen and the residents of Walford deal with the fallout of the event. They are part of the explosive autumn the show has lined up."

Earlier this year, Brian Conley announced he's leaving EastEnders after two years on the soap. He said: “You may have heard reports that I’m leaving EastEnders and it was a tough decision, but it is true, I am going.

“I made it for many reasons that decision and it’s tough because they’re such a wonderful crowd in front of the cameras and behind the cameras and I have loved my three years there. So that’s the truth in the reports. There’s other parts of reports saying that I clashed with TV bosses and the crew, I didn’t clash with anyone, I didn’t have a rant.”

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