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Coronation Street's Max Turner has been causing plenty of trouble on the cobbles since he was recast as older actor Paddy Bever.

Fans have seen him steal teacher Daniel's wallet and use his credit card in an attempt to buy snacks, as well as have screaming rows with his dad David.

But viewers are certain there's an even darker twist in store for Max, as he could soon be following in the footsteps of Shona's son Clayton – currently in prison for the murder of Kylie Platt – or even his dad, Callum Logan.

Taking to Facebook to air their theories, one Corrie fan wrote: "Maybe I'm wrong but I can see Max turning into another Clayton (Shona's son) – probably not murder but something serious."

Someone else echoed: "Yeah his nice days are over! Anyone think David is a great dad? It's weird to see him all grown up and being a responsible father trying to protect him, he is going to break David's heart!"

And another fan posted: "Nobody knows the depths that Max will go to until he's done something, anything is possible.

"He's a typical teenager that pushes people's buttons, David doesn't realise that he's teaching him to lie and steal and get away with things!

"Only time will tell what he'll do next," they added.

A fourth fan commented: "We have to remember that his actual father (buried under the extension) was a bad egg!"

Both Shona's son Clayton – who went to prison for stabbing David's wife Kylie in the street – and Max's biological dad Callum Logan were notorious villains on the cobbles, so it's fair to say Max hasn't had the best influences.

Kylie murdered Callum when he attacked Sarah Platt, and she gave birth to his biological son Harry six months after his death.

The Platts, meanwhile, buried him under the floorboards.

However, more fans were hailing Max's latest storyline as a positive for highlighting the difficulties of people living with ADHD and attending school, where lessons aren't curated specially for them and their learning styles.

Posting to Facebook, one wrote: "I don't think so, I think he's struggling with school so much and rather than admit he's struggling it's easier to use bad behaviour as an excuse."

"Corrie could really use this teacher storyline to great effect – kids struggling get labelled instead of enabled," someone else echoed.

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