ALYA Nazir is in for an almighty shock as an escaped tarantula terrorises Speed Daal next week in Coronation Street. 

The spider is the least of Alya’s worries when she realises she’s been a victim of fraud – and that Speed Daal could be facing financial ruin. 

Yasmeen tells Alya that her brother Zeedan, who was last seen on the cobbles in 2018, is coming to visit.

Alya is preoccupied, however, when she realises that Speed Daal’s food delivery is late. 

Elaine attempts to placate the guests as Alya juggles a call with the delivery driver and and another from the bank.

The driver finally arrives but Alya quickly realises her ordeal isn’t over yet when a customer points out a tarantula crawling across a table. 

The guests flee while a young boy searches for his pet.

When the spider is finally caught, Alya tells Elaine that Yasmeen has somehow managed to empty their bank account.

Alya is shaken when she discovers that the call she took earlier wasn’t from the bank, but from a fraudster – and that she unwittingly allowed them to clear out the account. 

Alya leaves a voicemail for Zeedan telling him she’s been scammed out of thousands. 

Zeedan offers to transfer her the money to tide her over, but will Alya accept?

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