DEBBIE Webster takes control of Ray Crosby’s businesses after faking his murder next week in Coronation Street. 

The businesswoman – who is played by actress Sue Devaney in the ITV soap – told Abi she had killed Ray in self-defence after saving her life from the evil property developer.

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Viewers will see Debbie invite Abi to a relaunch party at the bistro and tell her it’s women only next week. 

She then announces that she’s putting No.8 up for auction the following day, leaving Tracy delighted. 

But David fears he’ll never raise the money in time. 

Corrie viewers know that Debbie claimed Ray had grabbed and kidnapped her – and that he was planning to dump her in the river. 

She told Abi that she then hit Ray over the head and murdered him, before rolling his body in the river.

When Abi later visited the police for an update, they told her they had discovered Ray’s car by the river, seemingly confirming Debbie’s story.

But it soon emerged the businesswoman was lying as she arrived at a bedsit where she was hiding Ray.

She told him she would get him out of the country, but only if he signed over all his businesses to her.

Abi eventually agreed to keep her mouth shut and go along with Debbie’s story on the condition that everyone else got their houses back. 

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