At its annual company retreat that is being held in a virtual setting today, CAA minted 16 new agents and executives. Those elevated are: Norris Brooks, Simone Capers, Joella Dorenbaum, Mathilde Dumont, JB Fogel, Harry Fotopoulos, Faith France, Alex Gold, Chris Ibbs, Evan Kantor, Yesenia Martinez, Jasmin Nash, Maya Nelson, Corey Vann, Yale Wolman, and Arya Zanganeh.

“We are proud to promote these wonderfully talented individuals who have worked tirelessly to get to where they are today,” said Chief Innovation Officer and CAA Board Member Michelle Kydd Lee. “They have each proven their ability to live out the values of CAA on a daily basis and continue to work with passion, unparalleled client service, and an exceptional commitment to the agency’s team-centered culture. They have each carved out an incredible career for themselves through their hard work and dedication, and we are so proud to be a part of this next phase of their journeys.”

Los Angeles-based Joella Dorenbaum, Mathilde Dumont, JB Fogel, Harry Fotopoulos, Faith France, Yale Wolman, and Arya Zanganeh are now Talent Agents; Miami-based Simone Capers and Maya Nelson and New York-based Corey Vann were upped to Executive in the agency’s Basketball division; Alex Gold was promoted to Agent in Theatre in New York, while Los Angeles-based Norris Brooks and Yesenia Martinez became Agents in CAA’s Scripted Television and Commercial Endorsements departments, respectively.

Chris Ibbs, Evan Kantor, and Jasmin Nash have been elevated to Agents in CAA’s Music department. Kantor is based in Nashville, Ibbs in London, and Nash in New York. These promotions come on the heels of the agency’s recently announced promotions of Motion Picture Literary Agents Bryant Barile, Albert Lee, and Stephanie Smalling.

It is a heckuva lot better than the news at this time a year ago, when the gravity of the pandemic prompted all of the agencies to engage in salary rollbacks, layoffs and furloughs, after the shut down of all productions and live event revenue came to a screeching halt.

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