Carol Kirkwood was presenting the BBC weather live from Richmond Park from among the flowers and foliage.

The 56-year-old was readily giving out facts about the Royal Park, and threw in a little joke about her age while she was at it.

She told BBC Breakfast viewers: “There’s actually a protected view across London to St Paul’s Cathedral.”

“It’s been in place since 1992, the year of my birth,” Carol added with a dead-pan expression.

Did I just hear Carol say she was born in 1992

BBC Breakfast viewer

Many viewers were quick to notice Carol’s jesting and commented on it on Twitter.

“@BBCBreakfast @carolkirkwood I don’t think you were born in 1992,” one fan shared.

A second shared: “@carolkirkwood hilarious! Love you…. (“1992”) x.”

“@BBCBreakfast @carolkirkwood Did I just hear Carol say she was born in 1992!!??” a third questioned.

However, Dan and Louise didn’t mention Carol’s joke back in the studio and some were surprised that they didn’t.

One exclaimed: “Highlight of my morning – Carol Kirkwood: “…since 1992…the year of my birth.” Low point of my morning – @louiseminchin and @mrdanwalker seemingly not noticing this moment of comedy gold! @BBCBreakfast.”

“Dan and Lou didn’t pick up on your year of birth 1992?? And not a day over either,” another added.

After a viewer got in touch on Twitter, Dan addressed what had happened.

He began: “Carol, right, we had somebody contact us to say in your last weather you said something about 1992, the year you were born and they said why didn’t we correct you.”

“That’s because we know you were born in 1992, Carol, surely,” he continued.

Carol let out a laugh as she replied: “Bless you dan I’ll never hear a bad word said about you ever again.

“Not that I have to date.”

Later on in the programme, when the show cut to another weather report, Carol had to be taken off air due to some sound problems.

Louise stepped in as it cut back to the studio to explain what was going on.

Louise reluctantly said: “Carol, I’m going to have to stop you there because we can’t hear you!”

“We’ll try and sort Carol out, we’ve got a slight audio issues,” Dan chimed in.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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