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    BBC Breakfast viewers have pointed out a "back luck" omen on the show.

    During a discussion regarding the US stance on Prince Harry, entertainment reports KJ Matthews joined the BBC studio on Monday morning (January 9).

    BBC hosts Sally Nugent and Jon Kay led the discussion after his latest interview – Prince Harry's 60 Minutes – went live across the pond.

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    However, viewers of the programme took to Twitter to point out the same thing, with one writing: "The lady being interviewed in LA needs to take down her Christmas tree. It's bad luck!!!"

    A second added: "Do you really believe that she’s up to date on what Americans think about Harry when she's not even got round to taking her Christmas tree down."

    Talking about how Prince Harry's latest interviews have been received in the US, KJ said: "Well, I think a lot of people, particularly people of colour in the US had thought that it was a number of things.

    "It was the fact that she was married and divorced. It was the fact that she was older than him. It was the fact that yes, she's an American actress, but most importantly, a lot of people felt that her heritage her being biracial was at the top of that list so hearing him confirm that probably will not be very surprising to them."

    KJ was then asked if she thinks the new Harry interview will affect the way Americans view Britain and the royal family as a whole.

    She responded: "I think it does just a little bit. I'll be honest with you. I was there when Kate and William got married. I was very excited. I think that you know, we have been a country here because we don't have Royals, that we've just been kind of mystified by the whole royal family and really just love the royal monarchy.

    "I think though, with Megan joining the royal family and now of course with Prince Harry coming out and doing the docuseries in the book and pulling back the curtain of what is actually happening in the royal family according to them.

    "It's been very interesting and I do see people kind of not as I don't want to say enthused with the royal family anymore, but really understanding that they're normal people like any other family and that they have their disagreements and they're not just kind of on this pedestal. So I do think that we are starting to view them just a little bit differently. I don't know if it's a negative or positive but we see them in a different light. I definitely would say that."


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