GBBO: Jairzeno swears after messing up

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Week two of the Great British Bake Off saw the remaining contestants put their skills to the test whilst making biscuits. In the first round, the amateur bakers were asked to bake brandy snaps, although during Jairzinho’s preparation for the round, it proved to be a little too hectic for him causing him to swear on the Channel 4 show.

The signature challenge saw the judges asking for 24 brandy snaps, looking for perfectly baked laced biscuits, looking identical and with a good snap. 

Jairzinho’s choice of flavouring consisted of dark chocolate and lime gnash, passionfruit curd decorated with chunks of pineapple.

Racing against the clock to shape the snaps, Jairzinho succumbed to the time pressure and took his eye off the pan, resulting in it over boiling.

“I’m making chocolate gnash, I need to make sure I get everything done properly and out in time, f**k, oops!” he exclaimed as he ran over to save the contents in the pan.

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Despite his earlier mishap, Jairzinho managed to create the 24 brandy snaps but unfortunately, the presentation wasn’t up to scratch.   

Paul Hollywood first noticed: “They’re a little bit messy, the laid-back thing I’m beginning to see this in some of your work.”

Jairzinho admitted: “There was a bit of a rush within the last 15 minutes,” to which Paul snapped back: “Yeah, we’ve had that before, haven’t we?”

Prue Leith gave her opinion on the brandy snaps next and said: “I didn’t think chocolate would go with all these flavours, but it does.

“I just think that the flavours are too strong, I couldn’t eat a whole one,” she continued with Paul adding: “The idea was sound but not well executed.”

The second round was to make jammy dodgers, and as the contestants lined up their bakes Paul and Prue ranked them on which ones they loved and the ones that needed improving. 

Jairzinho’s jammy dodgers came in ninth with Prue and Paul describing the biscuits: “It’s lost some of its shape, they’re quite flat aren’t they?”

The showstopper round consisted of the bakers having to recreate a childhood toy with a biscuit of their choice. 

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Jairzinho decided to recreate a sailing ship which he revealed was “because I find them quite interesting with all the sails.”

However, when it came to the judges scoring his creation, he didn’t get the reception he wanted to as the ship came across as underwhelming. 

Paul stated: “It looks a bit rough and ready, doesn’t it?”

But Jairzinho fired back and said: “The rough and ready look of the painting was deliberate.

“There was two sails, there was a really big, tall sail at the back, but the mast broke,” he explained to the judges.

Tasting the biscuit, Paul described: “The cardamom comes through well in there, it’s a lovely blend,” with Prue adding: “It tastes delicious, but it’s a bit rough and ready.”

Speaking to the camera outside the tent, Jairzinho confessed: “I still feel in danger because they both said it was a bit rough and ready and unfinished, yes it was, but it was finished nonetheless.”

Unfortunately, Jairzinho’s journey in the Bake Off tent came to an end as Paul and Prue decided that he hadn’t done enough to make it through to week three.

Speaking about the end of his journey, Jairzinho said: “I was half expecting that result because if you look at the showstopper compared to everyone else’s, mine was quite basic.”

Taking to Twitter, fans of Jairzinho expressed their disappointment over the fact that he was the second baker to be sent home.

@kazuya3162 wrote: “Oh noo, how did Jairzinho go home over those two #GBBO.”

@thetavoid also commented: “So sad by the baker leaving this week because he was so creative with his flavours, but I guess this is expected #gbbo.”

 “Definitely, the right elimination choice would have been a bit too hard on the other two #GBBO,” @DLucksEdition added. (sic)

The Great British Bake Off returns Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 4.
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