Amy Schumer is back and ready to get inside herself. Well, almost.

“Inside Amy Schumer” officially returns for Season 5 on October 20 on streaming platform Paramount+. The Peabody Award-winning sketch series went off the air in 2016. The next season will consist of five episodes, with two episodes available to stream the day of the premiere, with the remaining three episodes following weekly.

“Hey yo!” Schumer started in a message to fans. “I wanted to bring back ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ to burn any remaining bridges. ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ is returning for another season, and it’s better than ever. Well, not as good as Season 3, but close. We will be airing on the hottest piece of ass, Paramount+. So, sit down and open your pants (so you’re comfortable, not in a sexual way) because we’re not holding anything back.”

Schumer concluded, “You won’t want to miss the show that will finally get me canceled. Stream the Season 5 premiere of ‘Inside Amy Schumer,’ premiering October 20, exclusively on Paramount+ or whatever underground site you use to illegally stream content. It’s what the Queen would have wanted.”

The “Life and Beth” creator signed the letter “Amy (The Duchess of Long Island).” Paramount+ and MTV Entertainment Studios produce “Inside Amy Schumer,” which will co-star Amber Tamblyn and feature “more specific” fart jokes, as Schumer told The New Yorker.

As the IndieWire review for Season 4 of “Inside Amy Schumer” pointed out, “Between Seasons 3 and 4, Schumer became a bonafide movie star.”

The B+ review continued, “But instead of treating ‘Inside’ like a day job, she’s continuing to use it as a platform. Sometimes she strikes out, but she’s still got a hell of a swing.”

Schumer reflected on her stand-up and sketch series alter-egos earlier this year, telling The Hollywood Reporter that she has been “educating” herself about the effects jokes can have on audiences. Schumer said she was “seeing the harm in joking around about things that are harmful and taking more responsibility and having it not just be about trying to sneak into this boys’ club.”

“It definitely used to be fully a persona, and it feels really good to get closer to me,” Schumer said of the shift to her new act. “I love playing a monster, just like the worst white woman, but I’m getting further and further away from that [in my act].”

“Inside Amy Schumer” Season 5 premieres October 20 on Paramount+.

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