Carla Connor is not in a good way in Coronation Street – and it looks like things are only going to get worse for the factory boss.
In Friday’s episode she’ll be collected from hospital by Peter Barlow and Michelle Connor, who tell her she’ll be living at Roy’s, along with Peter.

But Carla – who’s played by Alison King – isn’t pleased to be living with Roy as she blames him for putting her in hospital in the first place. As Roy himself
confessed to Ken Barlow, he and Johnny have become targets for Carla’s paranoid delusions.
Realising that his presence is doing more harm than good, Roy accepts Ken Barlow’s offer to move into No.1 for a while.
But this move will leave Peter – who’s cut short his stay in a rehab centre for his alcoholism – alone to take care of Carla. Will the Coronation Street favourite be able to cope? And what lies ahead for Carla after everything she's been through?
It was revealed that Carla will have to be talked down from the remains of the Underworld roof by Peter in harrowing upcoming scenes.
Carla thinks she has seen her dead brother Aidan and climbs stairs to the roof of the factory.
Clambering higher, Carla starts yelling that she killed Rana and Peter shouldn’t love “evil”, before she is sedated.

A soap source said: “The scenes are really dramatic.

“When things can’t seem to get any worse for Carla, it appears they do. She’s at her lowest and climbs up the stairs after thinking she’s seen Aidan,
and appears to be looking for a way out of all her troubles.

“Luckily Peter spots her and convinces her there’s something to live for, eventually managing to talk her down.
“She is taken away by an ambulance and examined by mental health professionals.”

But does this mean that Alison is leaving the ITV soap for good? The good news is there’s been no word from either Corrie bosses or Ali herself that she’s quit Weatherfield.

Hopefully Carla will get the help she needs and make a full recovery.

Fans have been devastated by Carla’s breakdown which saw her flee from Weatherfield, believing everyone is trying to get her.

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