It wouldn’t be the Super Bowl without the must-see commercials! Every year, families gather around the big TV on Super Bowl Sunday to watch the fun and exciting TV spots — and also a football game.

The nation’s biggest companies shell out millions to craft hilarious, clever, touching and downright wild ads for the annual sporting event. Designed to make viewers laugh, cry or bond with one another, advertisers spare no expense to capture people’s hearts and minds.

As the popularity of the ads have grown over the years, the commercials don’t just debut during the big game, either! There are teasers for the commercials, as well as viral and social media campaigns that hype up expectations, which drop long before kick off ever comes.

So, we’re rounding up all the Super Bowl LV commercials as they are released in real-time — including pre-releases and teasers. Enjoy!

“Get Ready” for the Pepsi Super Bowl Half Time Show

This year, in a seemingly unprecedented move, Pepsi and Coca-Cola have both decided not to buy ad time during the Super Bowl, according to press statements released by the companies — citing the pandemic and social upheaval as incentives to “ensure we are investing in the right resources during these unprecedented times,” according to Coke. However, Pepsi has decided to instead focus all promotional efforts into the flagship branded half time show. This was the first teaser, titled “Get Ready,” that celebrated the undeniable megahit single “Blinding Lights” by the event’s headliner, The Weeknd.

“Doritos 3D” Teases “#FLATMATTHEW” McConaughey

Doritos is tapping some real star power for whatever bizarre ad campaign is coming up at the Big Game. One ad stars Jimmy Kimmel and Mindy Kaling on the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live (although it’s an in-person interview that looks like it’s from the pre-COVID days) and the two are talking about an unnamed guest with a “new look,” along with the teasy tag #FLATMATTHEW.

The second teaser, which is even stranger, shows some kids playing in their front yard with their mom, as they look on in wonder as a dog runs by and one kid asks, “Mom, why is that dog flying a kite?” Then the other kid asks, “And why does that kite look like Matthew McConaughey?” So, it seems that Doritos will unleash some sort of weird flattened version of the Oscar winner to sell their flavored corn triangles?”

“Evidence” That Cheetos Is Gearing Up for Something Big

To promote their new product, Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix, the cheesy snack food brand tapped Ashton Kutcher and his real-life wife Mila Kunis for some mysterious ad campaign that they’ve already teased with two strangely dramatic and ominous teaser commercials. The first — titled “Evidence,” and released online on Jan. 14, is shot like a neo-noir crime drama, and features Kutcher coming home and opening a mysterious manila envelope filled with black-and-white long-distance photos of something viewers can’t see but clearly disturbs Kutcher. He also pulls out an empty, flattened bag of Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix and whispers in stunned horror, “I knew it.”

The second teaser, which dropped on Jan. 19, is titled “Advice” and opens on a tearful Kunis addressing an unseen other person, and asking with pained disbelief, “What exactly are you insinuating? Do you think that I would do that? That I would go behind your back after everything that we’ve been through?” The camera pans back to reveal that she’s actually talking to a mirror and is faking her tears. For some reason, rapper Shaggy is sitting behind her and tells her to “just stick to the line I gave you,” evidently helping her rehearse some sort of alibi. While it’s impossible to tell what the commercial will actually be about, there’s always the chance Kunis and Kutcher will be playing themselves, and Kunis has been cheating on her husband with Cheetos mascot Chester Cheetah — and also Shaggy is involved, for some reason. After all, if there’s anyone who can teach someone to deny responsibility for something, it’s famously Shaggy.

Vroom Goes Dark With “Dealership Pain” 

The online used car retailer Vroom is looking to show people how much easier and more pleasant it is to buy a car through the internet than having to deal with a dealership. To get this point across, Vroom is presenting a deeply unsettling commercial shot like a horror movie showing a potential car buying strapped to a chair in a dimly lit dealership as a creepy salesman prepares to torture and electrocute him with jumper cables and a car battery. There’s no denying the ad is definitely attention-grabbing.

Super Bowl LV will air Sunday, Feb. 7 on CBS.

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