WHEN you come back from a protracted break that Mikel Arteta seemingly finally found a winning formula before it, you can forgive Arsenal supporters' confidence for the restart of the Premier League.

Four short days later, after two humbling defeats and worrying performances, the mood is altogether different in the Gooner community.

So much so that when asked by your editor to write a piece in around 400 words, on what has gone wrong and what sort of overhaul is needed, your initial reaction is that it is not possible in so few words!

Nevertheless, from my Arsenal gut here are some initial thoughts:


I still believe Arteta is the right man for the job, but he needs a more consistent agreed approach from those above him.

Short-termism seems to reign, and deals are being done, on the hoof, with no apparent planning.

The Club need to decide who oversees working with the coach on what is needed, Raul or Edu and a clear vision MUST be decided upon.

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