Manchester United staff actively seeking alternative employment amid disillusionment at the club’s handling of Mason Greenwood and Antony’s domestic abuse cases

  • Staff have begun the process of searching for new work away from the club 
  • Employees have been disappointed at Man United’s handling of abuse cases 
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Manchester United staff have actively sought alternative employment after growing disillusioned at the club following their handling of Mason Greenwood and Antony’s domestic abuse cases.

Mail Sport has learned employees have started the process of searching for new work, with the disappointment at how the club managed the cases that engulfed two of their star players a lead factor in their decision to seek a United exit.

Greenwood, in October 2022, was charged with attempted rape, engaging in controlling and coercive behaviour and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The charges have since been dropped and Greenwood has been sent on loan to Getafe.

Antony, it emerged last month, is under a police investigation over claims he attacked his ex-girlfriend. The winger was initially given a period of leave, on full pay, by United but has since returned to the club.

Man United staff were disappointed at the club’s handling of Mason Greenwood’s abuse case

Brazilian winger Antony is under investigation over claims he assaulted an ex-girlfriend

Chief executive Richard Arnold was grilled by staff over the handling of the cases last month

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However, the way United handled both situations has led to what sources describe as a number of staff being at a very low ebb.

Pertinently, some employees believe their personal beliefs are conflicted by continuing to work at United in the aftermath of what they view as the mis-management of both cases.

It was reported that United were paving the way for Greenwood, in spite of disturbing aspects linked to his allegations emerging into the public domain, to remain at the club.

Ultimately, United confirmed that they would be severing ties with Greenwood following the completion of their internal investigation into the allegations.

However, there is a belief amongst certain staff members that United were forced into making a U-turn on an original decision for Greenwood to stay following a public backlash after their initial plan was made public.

United have also been accused of covering-up allegations that Antony attacked his former partner Gabriela Cavallin, claims the club have strenuously denied. Greenwood and Antony both deny any wrongdoing.

Last month, United CEO Richard Arnold led an all-staff meeting during which he was grilled extensively about the club’s handling of the Greenwood and Antony situations.

Those who attended were left under no illusion of the level of dissatisfaction from staff.

Morale among members of the club’s workforce is said to be very low, with a number of employees now to looking to leave.

United employ over 1,000 people and have a regular turnover of staff. Sources insist there has not been a spike in staff exits following the Greenwood and Antony sagas.

Some staff members believe the club were forced into a U-turn on an original decision for Greenwood to stay


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