Kevin Durant’s mysterious injury and curious future initiated the narrative. By taking down the Houston Rockets without him and becoming two wins from their fifth Finals in a row, the Golden State Warriors only fueled it.

Then Seth Curry, of course Steph’s younger brother, set it ablaze, saying the Warriors “are harder to guard” without Durant.

The Warriors dynasty: Better without their two-time Finals MVP, and perhaps the heir to LeBron’s best-player throne?

“Hell no,” Durant responded on Instagram, in accordance with the masses.

Maybe Curry was being honest, or simply trying to get inside Durant’s head in case of a surprise comeback this round from his calf injury.

The Warriors haven’t missed a beat in Durant’s absence. The offense has returned to its Steph Curry and Klay Thompson roots, the “Splash Brothers” combining for 123 points through the first two games of the Western Conference finals, as the series shifts to Portland for Game 3 on Saturday night.

But better without Durant? They may be telling themselves that if he, as many predict, bolts for the Knicks in free agency.

For now though, as Green told The Athletic, “that’s idiotic. It’s very idiotic.”

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