THE UNDERTAKER is regarded as perhaps the most fearless WWE legend in the history of professional wrestling.

Undertaker has had steel chairs smashed on his head, his body slammed through wooden tables and risked his life by falling from unimaginable heights – and that would be a slow day.

Taker also competed in Buried Alive Matches and was almost set on fire due to a catastrophic error from a pyrotechnic, but still went on to compete inside the Elimination Chamber for some more agony.

The WWE Hall of Famer has gone through fire and brimstone and is still respected across the world for his stunning bravery that led to a ton of unforgettable memories.

But everyone is afraid of something, and that includes The Deadman, who has perhaps the funniest phobia in wrestling history.

The 6ft 10in, 309lbs behemoth is terrified of cucumbers – so much so that he doesn't want to eat, touch or even see them!

The seven-time world champion's former manager Paul Bearer claimed he once saw him throwing up at a Waffle House because a piece of cucumber was floating in his ice tea.

Undertaker revealed that his fear started when he was eight years old and ate a whole vat of pickled cucumbers.

That caused some traumatic stomach issues and thus the ex-WWE Champion has been avoiding his kryptonite like the plague.

The former World Heavyweight Champion also admitted he has yelled at more than one sushi chef because they ignored his instructions not to include cucumber in his food.

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Of course that led to a number of pranks from his fellow wrestlers, most notably Bearer during his early years.

Wrestling legend and notorious prankster Owen Hart would also put pieces of cucumber in Undertaker's shoes and tights.

Reports even suggested that Hart would carry pieces of cucumber during matches with Taker and throw them to his face while holding him in a headlock.

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