Influencer Bree Lenehan has shared two photos of herself 'two seconds apart' to prove that what you see online isn't always real.

The Australian social media star is known for her body positive posts.

And in her latest, shared with her 649,000 Instagram followers, the brunette beauty aimed to show that people shouldn't use influencers – or anyone else – as their "body goal".

The photos saw Bree show off her figure in some tight mint green gym wear.

On the left-hand snap, she sucked in her stomach and rocked a pose which gave her a svelte figure while sporting a big smile.

However, on the right, in a snap taken just seconds later, she showed the 'real' her as she relaxed her body.

Then shared similar snaps in various other gym wear to prove her point further.

Captioning the post, she wrote: "2 seconds apart. Read this before you set someone else’s body as your 'body goals'.

"Are you forever worshipping bodies that aren’t yours?

"I used to. But this is why comparing your body to someone else’s sets you up for failure…

"Having other people as your body goals can actually cause more harm than good. Because it’s VERY likely they:

  • Are a different height to you
  • Have a different bone structure
  • Have different genetics
  • Have different body proportions (longer legs, wider hips, longer torso, wider ribs, broader shoulders, etc)
  • Lead different lifestyles / have different habits to you
  • Have different energy needs
  • Have a completely different body composition
  • Don't share what they look like 24/7 so you likely only see them at their 'best'
  • Probably post posed & flattering photos for social media
  • Have similar, very normal, HUMAN features to you, such as: cellulite, fat, rolls, body hair, acne, etc but maybe they don’t show it
  • Possibly even edit their photos before posting
  • Their body might’ve been achieved by doing things that you simply can’t sustain long-term while being your healthiest & happiest self."

She added: "So, please try not to treat yourself unkindly because you don’t look like her/them. You are uniquely you!!"

Fans were loving the post, with it racking up more than 32,000 likes.

One exclaimed: "Keep this up girl you’re amazing no matter what angle."

While another gushed: "You are wonderful."

A third chimed in: "Such good wholesome messaging. Just wish you'd been around for my teenage years."

Bree is known for her body positive poses, with her previously showing off her 'real' tummy after 'sucking it in since she was 10'.

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