Were you a Mary, the angel Gabriel or a wise man? Keep reading to check out what your role in the school nativity says about you.

The nativity is one of those Christmas traditions that almost all of us have been forced to take part in.

A staple of UK primary school culture, there’s something about getting a bunch of kids with tea towels strapped to their heads to scream Silent Night that embodies the magic and chaos of the festive season.

But of course, underneath the surface, not all is as it seems – especially when it comes to the tension associated with the casting process. More than a part in a school play, your role in the nativity is one of those early defining memories that sticks with you into adulthood.

But what does the role you played in the nativity say about you now, as an adult? Keep reading to check out what your part really means. 


Everyone wanted to be you, and you knew it. Unlike the “meek and mild” character you played, you love a little bit of attention and are comfortable taking the lead whether at work, with friends or in a room full of strangers.

You can be a little loud and domineering, but you don’t really mind – after all, you did give birth to the saviour of the world (kind of). Oh, and blue is totally your colour. 


As a child, you enjoyed your time in the spotlight, but nowadays, you’re a lot more laid back about things. After all, what can beat securing a room (or stable) for the woman who’s about to give birth to literal Jesus? Not much, that’s what.

The donkey

What you were lacking in star quality you made up for in sheer determination – and it’s that love of the job that made you the true star of the show. Now, you’re known for being funny, light-hearted, a little silly, and you love showing off your dance moves on a Saturday night. You’re a legend, and everyone knows it. 

Donkey = absolute legend. We don’t make the rules (well, we kind of do).

A shepherd

You don’t need a fancy costume to shine: just stick a tea towel on your head and you’re ready to steal the show. Basic – but in a cool way – you take your work seriously, but aren’t afraid to let your hair (or tea towel) down at the weekend. You also love being surrounded by friends, just like your on-stage persona.

A wise man

Understated? You’ve never heard of her. You love to go all out, and are known for being the friend who hosts incredible dinner parties. You’re extra, but you like to share – and you love nothing more than surrounding yourself with others who match your warmth and enthusiasm. Oh, and you’re an excellent gift giver – but you already knew that.  

The inn-keeper

You’ve been a boss since day one, and no one can tell you what to do. As a child you relished the opportunity to shout “No room at the inn!” but you let the power get to your head, and nowadays you find it hard to relinquish control of, well, anything. However, you can always be relied on to know what’s what, and you’re always the person responsible for booking the Uber at the end of the night.

The angel Gabriel

After Mary, this is the part everyone wanted – and you just so happened to land the role. As a kid, you were pretty switched on – you can’t mess up your lines when you’re announcing Jesus’ conception – and that reliable quality has followed you into adulthood. Now, you work in events or hospitality and are always ready to tell everyone what’s happening and where they need to be. 

If you were the star, you knew how to shine.

The star

You were the theatre kid everyone was low-key jealous of, but you couldn’t help it. Star quality can’t be rustled up out of nowhere, and it’s not your fault you outshone everyone else. As you grew up, however, you became less confident in your abilities, and nowadays, there’s only one place people can get a glimpse of your true potential – the karaoke bar at half past midnight.

The narrator

The teacher’s pet who knew how to read better than anyone else, the narrator may not get any glitzy costumes or standout scenes, but they’re the glue that holds the whole production together. Your literary skills continue to this day, and you love nothing more than curling up with a book on a cold winter’s day. 

A barn animal

You may not have had the most integral role, but you did get to wear a fun costume – and what’s not to love about that? You’re confident in who you are, and not afraid to blend into the background. After all, who needs to be the centre of attention when you know exactly what you’re worth?  

Part of the scenery

No one wants to be a rock, tree, bush or inn door, but someone’s got to do it, haven’t they? And just because others seem to fail to recognise your potential, doesn’t mean there’s none there. Peaking early is boring, anyway. Who wants their starring moment to be defined by a bunch of screaming five year olds? Better to hide in the background and ride the whole thing out.


Whether for religious reasons, or simply because your mum or dad didn’t have the time to rustle up a costume, you weren’t in the nativity. Of course, that’s just the reason you tell the outside world – on the inside, you know it’s because it wouldn’t have been fair to the other kids to steal the spotlight so easily.  

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