Shoppers are raving about these ‘magic’ £5 cooling pillowcases that help with a sweat-free sleep in hot weather – and they’re great for the menopause too

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With most of the UK seeing highs of 29 degrees this week, it’s no surprise that fans are dominating the movers and shakers section of Amazon. 

If you’re reluctant to splash out on a fan only for the weather to cool next week and it be relegated to storage, then it might be wise to invest in a cooling pillow instead. 

An affordable solution that could help alleviate night sweats, the Elegear 2Pcs Cool Pillowcases are on sale with a huge 69 per cent off, reduced to just £5 (was £15.99). They’re not just for heatwaves either as they’ve been hailed ‘magic’ by hot sleepers and among those dealing with menopause symptoms.

A budget-friendly solution to hot sleepless nights, the cooling pillowcases absorb and dissipate heat, keeping you cool and comfortable

While most bedding can trap heat and moisture, the Elegear 2Pcs Cool Pillowcases dissipate heat away from the head and neck throughout the night, keeping you cool and comfortable.   

Shoppers say this makes all the difference to a sweat-free sleep, with one noting that it kept them ‘lovely and cool during the hottest summer night’. 

The Elegear Cool Pillowcases get their ‘magic’ from Arc-Chill Q-Max 0.43 cooling fibers. These cooling fibres actually help to maintain an optimal sleep temperature, enabling you to fall asleep sooner.  

Shoppers have raved how comfortable the cooling pillowcases are with one claiming they ‘are a dream to sleep on’. They make it possible to be cosy and cool at the same time thanks to the double sided case. On one side is 100 per cent cotton fabric while the other side is made from super soft Arc-Chill Q-Max 0.43 cooling fibres. 

Better yet, unlike pure cotton pillowcases, these have a silky feeling and don’t absorb facial moisture, so much so that users have found they’ve woken up with less sleep lines and even noticed a difference in their hair, reporting fewer tangles. 

The cooling silk fibre pillowcases are now on sale for just £5 reduced down from £15.99 

One delighted shoppers left a glowing five-stare review for the Elegear 2Pcs Cool Pillowcases, writing: ‘These pillow slips are amazing, I bought two sets, they cold one side and warm the other side, it’s like magic.

‘They are fully functional, keep me from sweating and very stylish, these extremely highly recommended.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘Best nights sleep in ages. OMG this really works. No more waking up with wet hair. So comfortable and cooling. Have already purchased another set.’

A third penned: ‘Lovely pillow case. Nice quality material. The smoothest side is cool and silky but not a sweaty silky! It feels lovely on your skin and has a zip fastening. I’m quite fussy about my bedding but these I’m very happy with.’

And, if you’ve experienced one too many miserable nights where even a sheet is too hot to sleep under, then the Elegear cooling blanket is also on sale with 54 per cent off, reduced to just £18.99.

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