Clare Crawley and Dale Moss showed up to talk about their engagement on ‘The Bachelorette,’ and she couldn’t stop smiling while talking about their future!

Tayshia Adams was the queen of the night on the Nov. 10 episode of The Bachelorette, but viewers still got to hear an update from the newly engaged Clare Crawley and Dale Moss. The two popped in for a Q&A with Chris Harrison, and couldn’t stop gushing over one another. When Chris asked what their next plans were after the show, Clare, who was proudly rocking her new engagement ring, had the biggest smile on her face as she told him, “Babies!”

Dale seemed a little bit more hesitant on that front, as he added, “We can get married first!” Of course, that was fine with Clare, too. “Whatever happens!” she concluded. “We’re just happy to start our lives together and get to know each other more and more.” The segment was filmed shortly after Dale proposed to Clare at the La Quinta Resort over the summer, and Clare and Dale are still together three months later.

Now that the proposal has aired, they’ve been super public with their love on social media. Dale visited Clare’s hometown of Sacramento, and earlier this week, she visited him in South Dakota to meet his family for the first time. They even started house hunting together!

However, since Clare and Dale got engaged just TWO weeks into filming — while she still had 16 other men left on the show — there’s been a lot of skepticism about when this romance really began. The contestants on Clare’s season were announced back in March before production on The Bachelorette shut down due to the coronavirus. So, she had an unprecedented opportunity to check out the guys on social media before coming to the show.

Clare and Dale have insisted that they did NOT communicate before filming, and they reiterated that during the sit down. “One hundred percent, no,” she said. “I can wholeheartedly attest to this on my dad’s grave. There was never a single ounce of contact, communication — through friends, outlets, phone numbers, or any source of anything. I think that, to me, is honestly one of the most beautiful things.” Dale confirmed, adding, “Clare and I never once spoke, never communicated, never talked, never texted.”

However, Clare did admittedly check Dale (and the other guys out) online — and she liked what she saw on Dale’s page. “Dale was the one that was being a strong man, but opening up and being vulnerable [on his page],” she explained. “It was fast-paced, but it was the first time a 39-year-old woman had been chosen to find the man of her dreams. I know exactly what I’m looking for and I’ve done nothing but respect this entire process.”

Grabbing our first coffee together☺️

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