Not quite feeling in the festive spirit this year, no matter how mince pies you eat and Christmas movies you watch?

Well, it could simply be that you’re not the right age.

They say Christmas is for children, and while that might be true, new research has found that there are two special ages when the magic of the season officially peaks.

First, perhaps a little predictably, it hits at seven-years-old – when kids’ are old enough to be beside themselves with excitement for the arrival of Santa Claus down the chimney.

But the next age for pure Christmas joy might surprise you.

Researchers from holiday company, Santa’s Lapland, found that the second wave peaks at the age of 33.

So that means that there are two instances when we truly get into the Christmas spirit – typically once at the age of seven and again when we hit 33.

Dr Amanda Gummer, a research psychologist specialising in child development, said: ‘Christmas magic peaks when children are old enough to remember previous Christmases, get involved in the arts and crafts and enjoy Christmas traditions.’

But why doesn’t this magic last throughout childhood?

Dr Amanda explains: ‘Much younger and it’s easy for children to get overwhelmed by all the excitement, and as they get older, peer pressure kicks in and Christmas magic can seem uncool.’

Thomas Ryves, head of brand and communications at Santa’s Lapland, said: “The magic of Christmas is a unique and wonderful experience, and our research shows it’s at its strongest during the early years of childhood but the second wave is equally as strong.’

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