Lady Louise steals the spotlight! Proud mother Sophie watches her daughter, 15, place third in a carriage driving contest – as the Queen and Philip enjoy the Royal Windsor Horse Show

  • Duke of Edinburgh, 97, drove his horse and carriage to the Windsor Horse show
  • Seemed in good spirits after meeting his new great-grandson Archie yesterday 
  • Sophie Wessex also made an appearance, looking smart in blue coat 
  • Lady Louise Windsor could be seen warming up before Private Driving Singles  

It’s been an exciting week for the royal family with the arrival of Baby Archie, but today another young family member, Lady Louise Windsor, stole the show as she competed at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. 

Lady Louise, 15, is an accomplished equestrian and took part in the Private Driving Singles carriage drive, watched by her proud mother, Sophie. 

The Queen also looked in great spirits as she made her way to the event, donning a khaki overcoat and headscarf. 

Sophie, 54, wrapped up in a navy blue coat and white and red scarf looked delighted for her daughter and could not resist snapping a few pictures. 

A focused Louise, wore a stylish olive green jacket with a matching hat, and practice by driving her carriage around the grounds before the big event, in which she placed third. 

So focused! Lady Louise Windsor, 15, was spotted warming up before the Private Driving Singles as her proud mother Sophie Wessex looked on

In great spirits! The Queen looked delighted as she attended the second day of the Windsor Horse Show

The Countess of Wessex, 54, was in attendance, sporting a navy blue coat with a stylish scarf. She looked in great spirits as her daughter Louise made her way around the grounds

Happy great-grandfather? The Duke of Edinburgh sported an affable grin as he made his way to the horse show

All of Sophie’s attention was on Louise, and the doting mother took pictures as the teen competed in the Private Driving Singles. 

Lady Louise is an avid rider who was taught at a young age, and has inherited a love of carriage driving from her grandfather, Prince Philip. 

In May 2017, she was responsible for leading the carriages of the Champagne Laurent-Perrier Meet of the British Driving Society at the Windsor Horse Show. 

The Duke of Edinburgh himself, 97, made his way to the show in a two-horse carriage, accompanied by two aides. 

Third Place! Louise, having just competed beamed as she made her way to her proud mother after the race

The Queen, wearing a khaki overcoat, took the time to converse with horse handles and a rider after arriving at the show

Attentive mother. The Countess of Wessex looked expectantly as Louise compete in the single driving class today 

Lady Louise as she competed in the Private driving singles with her red and black carriage in Windsor this morning. She placed third 

Sophie showing off her daughter’s prowess to another attendee during the Windsor Horse Show 

Prince Phillip, who used to compete in the show, sported an affable smile as he drove around Windsor. 

All members of the royal family looked in good spirits, a day after the Duke of Sussex introduced his son Archie Harrison to the world. 

The annual show, which is just a short distance from Windsor Castle and runs until 12th May, is one of the Queen’s favourite equestrian events of the year and the Monarch herself was in attendance yesterday. 

Queen Elizabeth II looks at double world champion dressage horse Valegro during the Royal Windsor Horse Show in Windsor

The Queen came prepared with a khaki coat, headscarf and even a pair of woolen gloves in Windsor today 

A pressing question? The Queen seemed deep in thoughts as she made her way around the horse show

A focused mother. Sophie looked deeply invested as Louise competed in the Private Driving Singles this morning 

A proud mother. The Countess could  not resist snapping a few pictures of her daughter as she competed in the show 

A winning smile. All of Sophie’s attention was on Louise as she proudly watch her daughter compete

Donning a waterproof khaki jacket with her hood pulled up, the royal wrapped up warm and brightened up an otherwise rainy day with her smile – while her husband Prince Philip, 97, was nowhere to be seen. 

The five-day event, held in Berkshire, is now in its 76th year and attracts well-heeled visitors from all over the world.

It sees competitors taking part in a range of events from show jumping to dressage, along with displays from The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery and DAKS Pony Club – and is the only occasion on which members of the public are able to enjoy the palace grounds.

The Queen is believed to have attended every single year since it began as a wartime fundraising event back in 1943.

Beaming! The mother-daughter duo were all smiles as they celebrated Louise’s third place after the race

Once the race was over Sophie Wessex (pictured) waited for her daughter to come her way in order to congratulate her 

Prince Phillip, who used to compete in the show himself, looked on from his carriage as Louise competed

Two aides (pictured) accompanied the Duke of Edinburgh as he made his way to the show this morning 

The event is intrinsically linked with the royal family; both the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh competed at it during their younger years, with Prince Philip entering the Carriage Driving at Royal Windsor Horse Show for 30 years, winning it just once in 1982.

In more recent years, the Queen has watched many of her own horses take part in the showing class competitions.



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