Prince William recalls ‘seeing death’ as an air ambulance pilot

Queen Elizabeth II, 94, and Prince Philip, 99, recently became the first royals to announce they had received the coronavirus vaccination. When commenting on the event, Prince William’s body language appeared “childlike” and “proud”, according to an expert.

Prince William had a virtual meeting with frontline workers and shared a clip on the “kensingtonroyal” Instagram page.

The caption read: “Incredible work #TeamVaccine thank you to the staff and volunteers across the UK working to ensure that the most vulnerable in our society are protected from coronavirus.

“An effective vaccine is the best way to protect people from the virus; we all have an important part to play in protecting our loved ones and the NHS.

“For more information on the #COVID19 vaccine in the UK search for ‘coronavirus vaccination’.”

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The UK Government has started to offer coronavirus vaccinations to Britons, starting with elderly and vulnerable people.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were given the injection last week and Prince William commented on this while speaking to key workers.

Body language expert Judi James explained he appeared modest while discussing the vaccination of his grandparents.

She suggested he was almost “childlike” in wanting approval from the frontline workers.

Speaking to, Judi stated: “This is rather sweet and almost childlike body language from William.

“He looks genuinely humbled by the NHS workers he is speaking to and keen to gain approval when he tells them modestly that his grandparents have had the vaccine despite being aware that the Queen and Prince Philip had the most high-profile jabs on the planet.”

When speaking about the vaccination, Judi claimed Prince William’s body language signals suggest he is “impressed” with those he is speaking to.

While he is second in line to the British throne, the Duke appeared to put his royal status aside as he shared his appreciation.

Judi continued: “William leans forward in a lowering gesture here that diminishes his status to a very non-royal level and his raised brows and widened, rounded eyes suggest he is impressed by the people he is speaking to.

“As he speaks we can see his eyes scanning the screen to make sure he is addressing everyone on there in a very engaging and personal way.”

The father-of-three looked like he was trying to make a personal connection to those he was talking with.

As the conversation continued, Prince William reverted to a version of himself which was less royal and more appreciative.

Judi added: “This is less of a royal ‘appearance’ and more the gesture of a man genuinely keen to show his admiration and appreciation.

“Plus he creates some empathy by talking about his own grandparents like any other proud grandson right now.”

As the coronavirus crisis continues, Britons have been urged to stay home as much as possible.

Because of this, royals like Prince William and Kate Middleton have been making virtual engagements.

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