Only people with ‘telescopic vision’ can spot the cat within 10 seconds in this optical illusion

  • If you’re on a hunt to test your brain then this illusion is the perfect one for you 
  • And people have been left scratching their heads at this viral image 

Somewhere, hiding in this picture is a sneaky feline – can you spot him? 

You’ll need exceptional eyesight akin to ‘telescopic vision’ to see the little chap hiding in this photo of the side of a house.

If you’re on a hunt to really test your brain then this illusion is the perfect one for you.

The image has recently gone viral on social media, leaving viewers scratching their heads after being unable to locate the little animal lurking within the image. 

Use the 10 seconds we’ve gave you to thoroughly scan and search the image, making sure you glance at all of the corners properly

At first glance, the cat is nowhere to be found. You’ll be left staring at the picture for a couple of seconds.

Before you know it, your 10 seconds is up and you’ve still not found our furry friend. 

If you’ve still not found the cat, we’ll give you a hint. Pay close attention to all the edges and corners of the image and scan them well.

Still not found him? 

Scan along the stones on the floor, there is a leaf that is slightly draped on the ground. 

Just beneath the plant is the sneaky little character.

Luckily for you, we’ve also circled exactly where the cat can be found.

If you couldn’t find the sneaky feline after 10 seconds, we’ve circled exactly where you’re able to find it 

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