At six years old, North West has already more than established herself as a cultural force. It was only a matter of time, then, before West—style icon, creative director, designer, runway model, conceptual artist, and face of so-called "Generation Alpha"—headed to the White House to spend some time with President Donald J. Trump, which is how she spent this past Thursday, a (weekday!) night. (Though only after securing permission from her chaperone, Kim Kardashian, of course.)

The ostensible reason for West's visit was, reportedly, to accompany her mother on her mission to once again petition Trump on the rights of those who've been incarcerated. Previously, Kardashian has (successfully) made the case to Trump to pardon Alice Marie Johnson, a woman in her sixties who had been unjustly serving a life sentence with no chance of parole. This time around, name much more recognizable: A$AP Rocky, who's been imprisoned in Sweden, following charges of assault, since early July. Then again, seeing as the president actually tweeted his plea to free the 30-year-old rapper several hours before Kardashian and West's visit, it's also possible that Kardashian, as she's done via Twitter in the past, was simply dropping by to express her thanks.

For the occasion, Kardashian, who's previously worn Vetements on her visits to the White House, donned a beige business suit, with a bodycon tank to match. As for how her six-year-old daughter tackled the task of dressing for an evening visit to the White House, West wore a billowing floor-length dress—one that, in something of a power move for a six-year-old, happened to be a stain-free white. (You can see photos of both of their ensembles at the Daily Mail.) As for what West and Trump, who's 67 years her senior, could have possibly talked about, well, as reality TV stars, they have more in common than you might expect. In any case, it sounds like she didn't have too long with the president; she and her mom left the capital shortly after their visit—naturally, via private jet.

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North West, the day before her fifth birthday, and Kim Kardashian in New York City, June 2018.

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