The mother of murdered teenager Danielle Jones has pleaded with her daughter's killer to reveal where her body is.

Danielle, 15, disappeared while on the way to school in East Tilbury, Essex, on June 18, 2001.

Her uncle Stuart Campbell was jailed for life for her murder but the 15-year-old's body was never found.

Now, as it is approaching the end of his jail term, Danielle's mum Linda says she does not want him released if he has not revealed the location of her body.

Mrs Jones told the BBC : "That's the one thing that still disturbs me quite a bit, not knowing where she is. I may never know where my daughter is."

The heartbroken mum wants to see the introduction of Helen's Law, which would make parole boards consider the lack of a body when deciding whether to release a killer.

The law is named after murder victim Helen McCourt who was killed in Merseyside in 1988. Her killer never revealed what he did with her body.

Mrs Jones said Helen's Law would given them a chance, possibly, of knowing what kind of character Campbell is – whether he would reveal the location or not before he is due for release in two years.

The family thought they had got close to finding Danielle's body two years ago when Essex Police dug up some garages near Campbell's former home in Thurrock – but nothing was found.

Her mum says it's heartbreaking that they still don't know where she is and just want her to be "safe".

She also says since Danielle's disappearance, her two sons, who are both aged in their 30s, had not celebrated big birthdays or special occasions.

"Because we haven't got a grave or anywhere to go it is so important for us to keep her memory alive," Mrs Jones added.

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