Martina McBride knows a thing or 20 about making a mega hit — just as she did with her latest song, ‘Girls Like Me.’ The singer explained what she hopes fans will take away after listening to the new track.

Martina McBride gets real about “real life” on her new song, “Girls Like Me.” With this powerful anthem — which derived from NBC Songland winner Halie Woolbribge — Martina wants to send a message about strength and hope, especially in today’s political and social climate. “I love the fact that this song talks about real life, which I think country music does really well, that’s the best thing about it,” Martina said in an exclusive interview with HollywoodLife while discussing her new partnership with Country Crock.

“I think it’s just me sending a message that we’re all really more similar than we are different, really. When it comes to life experiences, we all experience heartache, we all experience making mistakes, we all get insecure at times — and it’s just really saying that it’s going to be ok. I’ve been there, I know what you’re going through,” Martina, who addresses daughters of the world, explained. “Life is messy and our mistakes make us stronger on this journey and I just love being able to deliver that message. It’s kind of similar to other things I‘ve said throughout my career and in my songs to encourage people and give them hope.” 

When she’s not cooking up new music in the studio, Martina is cooking at home with Country Crock — a brand that’s near and dear to her heart. The country music icon has teamed up with Country Crock to raise awareness about “The Cover Crops Project,” a new sustainability initiative that provides education and financial resources for farmers. Martina is also helping Country Crock spread the word about cover crops, a regenerative farming practice that helps maintain healthy soil in order to grow fresh ingredients on American farmlands. 

“I grew up on a farm in Kansas (Country Crock products are big there!) and I’m the daughter of a third generation farmer, so I really understand the challenges that farmers face and the hard work it takes,” Martina said. “Country Crock depends on farmers and farmers really depend on the health of their soil, and cover crops really contribute to that. They help prevent soil erosion and they help put nutrients back into the soil, and they prevent weeds. It just helps the long term health of the soil for the farmers,” she explained before confirming Country Crock is committed to helping 80 Kansas farmers by planting 13,000 acres of cover crops.’ allowfullscreen=’true’ style=’border:0;’>

Through working on the Red Barn Sessions, Martina has had the opportunity of spending time with Gabby and Jimmie. When asked if there’s anything she shared with the rising stars that she wished someone had told her when she was their age, Martina said, “Just soak it all in.” The simple, yet important piece of advice came from none other than country music superstar, Garth Brooks.

“Just soak it all in, because in the beginning it’s so busy and so many people are tugging at you in all different directions. There’s so many opportunities and a lot of work that goes into it. So, just stop and soak it all in,” Martina explained, adding, “That was the best advice I’ve ever gotten and it’s the advice I’d give to any new artist as well.”

She continued, “It goes by so fast and it’s always changing as your life changes, your career changes. It’s never the same, it’s always growing and changing, so it’s important to really soak it in.”

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