Hold on to your suspenders and your suspicions. “The Last of the Gentleman Sleuths” Benoit Blanc is back, cigar and donut analogies in hand, to solve another mystery in Knives Out 2. Daniel Craig reprises his role as the genteel detective in the sequel to the 2019 hit whodunit movie, helmed once again by director Rian Johnson.

The James Bond actor has been teasing a potential sequel since January 2020. “I’d be over the moon [to do a sequel]. I mean, I’d do anything for Rian. If he writes something, I’ll do it. Of course I will. Why wouldn’t I? I had a ton of fun doing it,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “You aim for that every time, you aim for that to work out. It rarely, rarely does, but it did on that movie and how nice is that?”

Fans of the first film will just have to wait to solve the next mystery, but in the meantime, Knives Out 2 star Kathryn Hahn shared some clues about the filming process with Women’s Health. Here’s everything you need to know about the sleuthing sequel:

When is the release date for Knives Out 2?

Fittingly, that remains a mystery. It’s likely that the film will hit Netflix sometime in 2022.

Is there a trailer for Knives Out 2?

Even though filming is underway, a trailer has yet to be released (drat!). That probably won’t happen until after production announces a premiere date, which will hopefully be in 2022.

Who’s in the cast (besides Daniel Craig)?

To call this crew “star-studded” might be a bit of an understatement. The A-list cast includes veteran actors like Kate Hudson, Ethan Hawke, and Edward Norton, to relative newcomers like Outer Banks star Madelyn Cline and Game of Thrones alum Jessica Henwick, to multi-hyphenate talents Janelle Monáe and Leslie Odom Jr.

All in all, “it’s a delicious group of humans, just a fabulous group,” Kathryn tells WH of her co-stars. “Rian is such an incredible director, so he’s making it feel very intimate.”

In fact, that’s what drew the Wandavision star to the role (which, she auditioned for on Zoom, btw).

“I just thought the first [Knives Out] was such a blast, and I just love Rian Johnson as a filmmaker. It just seemed like it would be just a ball to be a part of,” she says. “He always seems to create a really fun ensemble, and I just thought it would be such a blast.” Translation: Expect a whole new cast of absurdly hilarious/uniquely horrible characters taking over theaters and your Netflix queue.

Kathryn, like most of her co-stars, is new to the murder mystery genre, but she’s taking on her (super secret) role, “the same way I approach any other role, which is just stick[ing] my head down and do[ing] my job in trying to tell the story,” she says. “[I] figure out who I am in my lane of the bigger picture. So, I’m approaching [this role] the same way I would a small movie, a teeny-tiny, little limited series, or a big giant Marvel [production]. I always try to approach whatever job I’m lucky enough to get with the same tools.”

What is the plot of Knives Out 2?

Well, consider that another mystery worthy of Benoit Blanc. “I wish I could say one word to you, but I’m not gonna spoil a thing,” Kathryn says. “We have such few good surprises left on the planet… I’m giving you nothing!”

Still, photos taken while filming reveal that at least part of the action happens in Greece. On June 28, Rian tweeted, “Aaaaaaaand WE’RE OFF! Day one of filming on the next Benoit Blanc mystery. Thanks to all the lovely patient people here in Greece for letting us do all this murdering on their peaceful shores.”

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