Don’t mind me! Playful cat strikes up a bond with three Shiba Inu dogs who welcome her as part of the pack

  • An unnamed Japanese couple own Kiki who is an American shorthair cat
  • Adorable little feline has become best friends with their three Shiba Inus dogs
  • Owner revealed Kiki has started to act like her pups, Saki, Ibuki, Hazuki and Kiki

It is well-known that cats and dogs often do not get along when they live together. 

But this American Shorthair cat has bucked the trend by infiltrating a gang of three Shiba Inus and becoming a member of the canine pack. 

The owners of the animals live in Chiba, eastern Japan, and told Bored Panda that they got the cat, named Kiki, when the dogs were already part of the family.

The unnamed woman said she and her partner had Shibas for years but he refused when she said she wanted a cat as well. 

Eventually, she found a cat, Kiki, which they both liked and now the feline has even started to act like her pet dogs, who are named Saki, Ibuki, Hazuki and Kiki.

She said: ‘I often hear that it’s the dogs who get used to their owner’s sleeping schedule, and cats are the jerks who get up early and wake you up at 4 AM or something like that, but Kiki also sleeps together with the rest of us until morning.’

The pets’ adventures are also documented on the couple’s Instagram page. 

An American Shorthair cat named Kiki has become best friends with a trio of Shiba Inus, named Hazuki (left), Ibuki (centre), Saki, at their home in Chiba, eastern Japan

The cat has gained over 100k followers on Instagram as her owners share snaps of her adventures with her puppy friends 

In another group shot of the pets, Kiki poses at the front while Hazuki lurks behind, followed by Ibuki and then Saki  

The animals appear to be experts in performing matching poses, as this picture amazingly demonstrates

In this snap, Kiki seems to have one eye closed while his canine companions look on majestically

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Kiki seems to enjoy leading the group when they pose for pictures, and in this one stares right at the camera while the dogs sit side on

In another snap, all four of them including Kiki are seen waiting patiently in front of their dinner bowl

The animals’ owner said Kiki fitted in as soon as she and her partner brought her home – even though the dogs were there first

Out in nature: In this snap, the animals are seen enjoying some time outside in the garden and Kiki seems to be wearing a very fancy collar

The friends also seem to enjoy playing together, as this picture demonstrates. Kiki is seen with his paw resting on Saki’s ear

In this picture, the dogs sat with their paws folded underneath them – and Kuki had no trouble in copying

Kiki and the dogs were also seen wearing matching outfits which featured their names emblazoned on the front

Paws together: The animals seem to have no trouble getting up close and personal 

Best friends: Kiki is seen giving a very focused stare in this photo, as the dogs take a more relaxed look

Kiki repeats the fierce stare here and this time offers up her back as a head rest for Hazuki and Saki

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