A bloke “living an Amish lifestyle” on a $60,000 plot of land has been inundated with "thousands" of letters from women wanting to date him.

Titus isn’t formally a member of the Amish community, but lives a similar simple life of self-sufficiency and religious faith in rural Kentucky. He recently went viral after podcaster Peter Santenello shared a video of his day-to-day.

He’s not sure exactly how many of them there are. “It’s hard for me to keep track,” he explained. “I guess I haven't made a count.

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"And of course there's ones that have called, and the voicemail was full so they couldn't leave a message.” Many of the women mentioned how good it felt to be sending an old-fashioned handwritten letter again, for the first time in years.

But, sadly, it’s too late for most of them as Titus has now got himself a girlfriend. “The Lord brought a woman into my life,” he explained.

Because of Titus’s religious faith they aren’t living together, but she’s staying nearby. He continued: “She's staying at my parent's place. I'm glad that my parents are involved in this and they're getting to know her too”.

A little female company will undoubtedly be good for Titus. Especially as, he admits, he’s known temptation in the past.

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For example, he said: “You’re riding down the road, training a horse, and you see a porn magazine on the side of the road, and you feel like, ‘Oh, what's in there? Let me check it out, there's nobody around, it's a quiet country road, I could look at that, nobody would see.”

Titus, who walks barefoot everywhere he goes, went on: “But then you remember I have a father in heaven. He's watching me, he sees, and I don't want to disappoint him by putting something into my mind that I know would be harmful.”

“By God's grace,” Titus said, he’s managed to resist the temptation of roadside porn so far. “Every time you're faced with a temptation and in God's strength you say ‘No, I'm not gonna do that, I'm not gonna look’ it makes you stronge'r.”

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Titus resists temptation in other ways, too, like making sure he’s scrupulously honest when he’s selling horses – telling the buyer exactly what might be wrong with the animal. “If you follow Satan's path, you will have this immediate gratification. You'll feel really good in the moment, but then later you'll feel guilty," he continued.

“There's all kinds of negative consequences later, but initially when you're doing it, you feel really good. Following Jesus has given me so much more joy, so much more purpose than I ever had when I was going on a path that I knew God did not want me to go on.”

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Some of the people that are getting in touch with Titus are more interested in religion than romance. “Recently there was a Muslim lady that called and she said, ‘I'm Muslim but we believe in Jesus too’," he recalled.

"She said, ‘I have this real extreme pain in my foot – could you please pray for me for my foot?’ and I said, ‘Sure, I would love to do that, but first… let's just take a moment of silence’." Titus asked her to quietly ask God if she was holding any secret resentment against anyone.

He continued: “We were quiet for a little bit and she said, ‘Yeah, my ex-husband really mistreated me, and I have this hatred and this anger towards him. I want to get revenge towards him…this anger that I have towards him, it comes out and I hurt other people that aren't even involved because I have this hatred in my heart’”.

Titus talked the woman through her past anger, and that seemed to sort her foot out.

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