Princess Alexandra, 83, is the Queen’s best friend and first cousin. In fact, she was one of the Queen’s bridesmaids and lives for free in St James Palace.


  • What it takes to be the Queen’ best friend – Princess Alexandra

Most eagled-eyed royal fans will know of Princess Alexandra, who also goes by the title The Honourable Lady Ogilvy.

She is a little-known working royal but she is often by the Queen’s side at events, and is – in fact – very important to Her Majesty.

The Queen and Alexandra have much in common, growing up as royal ladies.

However, a body language expert claims they have some other less stereotypically royal interest.

There is something else that is likely to have affected the close bond between the pair.

It is the same thing that bonds many young women – men.

Judi told “As well as being first cousins, these two woman have so many other traits in common: the lifetime of royal duty; a passion for protocol but a way of making it look easy; the way both chose to marry handsome, charming and rather dashing, risk-taking men before watching their children hit the headlines and not always for the right reasons, and from their body language poses together they also appear to share a great sense of fun.”

Princess Alexandra’s husband, Angus Ogilvy, was the second sone of the 12th Earl of Airlie.

He was closely linked with the Royal Family as his father was Lord in Waiting to King George V, the Queen’s grandfather.

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Angus was educated at Eaton and Oxford, and married Alexandra in 1963.

The wedding was broadcast on TV and watched by 200 million. Her Majesty and Prince Philip attended the wedding.

The Queen was very fond of him, offering his the title of Earl when he married.

He rejected the offer but the couple did lease a large Richmond home from the Crown Estate.

The Queen made Angus Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order on 31 December 1988 and when he died his funeral was held at St George’s Chapel in Windsor.


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So what does it take to be the Queen’s best friend, and how does the relationship work so well, according to the expert? 

Judi James said: “Alexandra has the advantage of being one of the only sidekicks who has known and understood royal life and the Queen for so long that there’s no reason for the Queen to act as coach and mentor.

“Both women look relaxed here as they arrive to do the room, but Alexandra’s clasped hands and her often watchful eye-gaze suggests she’s very ably choreographing the double act to ensure she is protocol-wary and a very small step behind as they make their entrance.”

The Royal Family website says of Alexandra: “She is patron or president of over 100 organisations which reflect her wide-ranging interests, from the arts to health care.”

What can other royal body language tell us?

Sophie, Countess of Wessex’s body language shows a “revelation” in her relationship with Edward. 

Judi said: “Back in the day this marriage between the Queen’s youngest son and a girl from the world of PR and TV would have been seen as ear-marked for disaster.

“In many ways it contained the worst traits of their generation of matches: Edward was seen as having all the petulance of his two older brothers but less of the charm and talent.

“Sophie was similar enough in looks to Diana, causing worry about rabid and intrusive press interest, but as a non-royal with a proper career she appeared to be worryingly unsuited to all the restrictions of life in the royal firm.”

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