In the world of professional sports, it’s common to hear about star athletes building a winning team around themselves. However, it’s important to note they may not be referring to the team they work with on a daily basis.

Today, the scrutiny on how athletes spend their time and money is higher than ever, and it’s possible that the cadre they’re referring to is actually a group of advisers who help them invest their tens of millions of dollars in various ventures and opportunities.

This type of financial management requires a level of expertise even the most gifted players lack. They have spent most of their lives laser focused on perfecting their craft, and suddenly they need to summon the prowess needed to manage millions of dollars so it lasts into their lifetime.

That would be challenging even for CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, but if young athletes don’t take steps to properly safeguard and steer their earnings, the risks to their largesse can be considerable.

To help athletes navigate this fast-evolving corner of financial management, Variety Intelligence Platform has partnered with City National Bank to sponsor the special report “More Than One Way to $core,” which provides guidance on best practices for athletes who want an all-star team of advisers to manage their portfolio of diverse interests, whether for during their playing days or looking ahead to retirement.

Through careful study of precedents and interviews with experts, the report offers valuable insights on just how they can build that winning team. One thing is certain: It’s never too early to start planning for the future. With the right advisers in place, athletes can ensure their personal fortunes are secure for decades to come.

Just some of the insights you’ll find within:

  • Why money management in sports is in a whole other league
  • How successful athletes can field their steep income spike
  • Why players need pro advisers in their peak earning years


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