American professional basketball player Kevin Wayne Durant plays for the National Basketball Association’s Brooklyn Nets. In 2007, in This hard-playing NBA Draft, the Seattle SuperSonics picked him with the second overall choice after one season of collegiate basketball for the Texas Longhorns. Durant signed a four-year, $164 million contract with the Brooklyn Nets in 2019 after spending three years with the Golden State Warriors.

The 12-time All-Star earns over $40 million in sponsorship money and recently signed contracts with Weedmaps, Coinbase, and NBA Top Shot. As of 2022, Kevin Durant’s net worth is predicted to reach $200 million, ranking him as the tenth-richest NBA player. Although he hasn’t yet reached the rank of a billionaire like LeBron James or Michael Jordan, Durant, who initially came to notice with his sporty hardworking persona, has undoubtedly built a considerable nest fund. The most intriguing thing about this is that Durant’s best investments come not from his earnings on the floor but rather from his earnings off it.

6 Kevin’s Array Of Investments 

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An overview of a few of Kevin Durant’s numerous ventures can be seen on NetsDaily. The investments include an eponymous charity foundation, numerous sports-related businesses such as membership in the Philadelphia Union’s ownership group, in which he has a 5 percent stake with another 5 percent option, investments in both franchises and cannabis-related businesses, and what the outlet is referring to as the NBA legend’s personal brand/marketing portfolio and on-court contracts. Durant made $35 million in one year from his off-court ventures. It’s only a matter of time until KD cashes out on those, as he has one of the NBA’s most diverse financial portfolios, according to the source.

5 ThirtyFive Ventures


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4 The Captivating Car Collection 

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Durant is renowned for amassing a variety of high-end automobiles. Driven by Durant, a Ferrari California is way too often, which costs around $200,000. But, as luxurious and extravagant as it seems to sound, This infamous basketball player also owns a classic 1966 Ford GT 40, a Lamborghini, Range Rovers, Ferraris, Porsches, numerous Mercedes-Benz models, and other automobiles. All the more, one of his most customized vehicles is reportedly his Chevrolet Camaro SS, which has pinstripes on the hood and matte red paint to match his line of footwear.

3 A Whole List Of Fancy Real Estate

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Durant allegedly spent $30 million on properties around the US, investments, and automobiles. However, before buying a new property, Durant evidently enjoys selling his homes regularly. Moreover, the magnificent Malibu home was just sold by him whilst The Oakland, California home of Brooklyn Nets player Kevin Durant is apparently for sale. The heaven-on-earth house of Kevin is currently offered off-market for $6 million. According to sources, Andrea Gordon is the listing agent for the Kevin Durant’s Oakland house, which is almost palace-like.

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2 The Humanitarian Facet And The Splurge Of Donations By Durant

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Durant has given to many causes over his NBA career; he donated $10 million a few years ago to help Prince George County, Maryland, youth attend college. Contributions made by the NBA star player made it possible to launch the first College Track program on the east coast of the United States, increasing the number of low-income kids accepted to college. Additionally, Durant gave $57,000 to the private Positive Tomorrows school in Oklahoma City, where he played for eight seasons before joining the Warriors. The institution was designed for homeless youngsters. Finally, according to Britannica, Durant gave $3 million to the University of Texas to support their basketball program and $1 million to the Red Cross for disaster recovery.

1 Flying Fresh Out Of Forbes For Real

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The target for Durant, a recent 30 Under 30 alumnus who is now 31 years old, is nothing less than ten-figure net worth. He will have earned well over $500 million from pay and sponsorships by the time his playing career is complete. Durant now wants to develop actual generational riches using the payments he receives from businesses.

Kevin Durant, a forward with the Warriors, has achieved everything possible in basketball. He has two NBA titles, two MVP awards from the NBA Finals, one NBA MVP, eight selections to the All-NBA team, ten selections to the All-Star team, and two Olympic gold medals, and that is only the beginning of the list. When his career is over, one would assume Durant will be happy with his accomplishments, but In an interview with Kerith Burke of NBC Sports, Durant claimed that nothing related to his basketball career can satisfy him other than all the facets he achieved off the court.

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