Bretman Rock Sacayanan Laforga is a former makeup influencer turned singer, songwriter, actor, activist, coconut water connoisseur, and business genius. Laforga goes by Bretman Rock in the public eye and rose to fame on YouTube and Vine for their humor and makeup tutorials. A queer icon who embraces their fluidity, Rock uses the pronouns she, he, and they. While makeup was once the bedrock of the Filipino influencers’ media empire and creative expression, they’ve moved away from the industry in recent years.

In an interview with Them, Rock explained that they started moving away from the industry when it became oversaturated by the wrong energy. Rock emphasized, “white people ruined the beauty community.” The space wasn’t about sharing knowledge and embracing confidence anymore. Rock argued that “non-colored individuals were coming in, and it became a money industry” rather than a beauty community. They reinforced that white creators also never took accountability or apologized.

Rock may be stepping back from beauty, but with “a combined 51 million followers across YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Snapchat,” according to the Hollywood Reporter, there are more than enough audience members to keep up with Rock’s pivoting interests. Now Rock is starring in MTV’s Following Bretman Rock and Playboy cover shoots. The self-proclaimed workaholic is pursuing every avenue possible to new revenue streams. According to CA Knowledge, Rock is worth around $7 Million with an annual income of $1 million. Following Bretman might not be one of the highest-grossing MTV shows yet, but it’s time to look at all the revenue streams outside makeup that contribute to Rock’s impressive net worth.

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The MTV Stint

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In 2021, Rock made the jump from a regular YouTube star to a full-fledged YouTube series. Following Bretman unpacks family trauma and relationships, radical self-care, hustle culture, queer identities, and Hawaiian life. The hit series has two seasons under its belt and is about to premiere its’ third. However, Rock made it no secret that they have their eyes on the big screen with several flirtations with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In episode 1 of Following Bretman season 1, Rock showcased their sunglasses lines via a sultry photoshoot for Only Fans. The project showcased Rock’s modeling schools, design skills, and business expertise. By promoting their Dime Optics Eyewear collection with Only Fans, Rock tapped into the platform’s wild popularity and the age-old notion that sex sells.

Rock’s Amazon Product Endorsements

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This year Rock became an Amazon Influencer like many celebrities before them. As part of the Amazon Associates program, influencers like Rock showcase products so potential customers research and discover products they might be interested in. Rock’s been promoting an oversized Fidus water bottle in their Instagram stories. They owns the bottle in numerous colors and touts its durable strap while earning affiliate commissions. The water bottle even appeared in their Hollywood Reporter Interview with the affiliate link. Rock shared, “I used to suck at drinking my water, but now I drink a gallon a day. I’ve been doing so good. It cleared up my skin, honestly.”

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Partnering Paris Hilton & Swedish Pop Star Felix Sandman

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Rock became an ambassador for Klarna back in 2020 as a steamy mermaid of color in an overflowing bubble bath, and the partnership is an ongoing success story. In 2022 Rock starred in a Klarna commercial campaign alongside business and pop culture icon Paris Hilton. From selling Hilton ice cream to the tune of her new catchphrase “that’s smooth” to creating a jingle alongside Swedish pop star Felix Sandman, Rock took their Klarna Global Ambassadorship to the next level. Joining forces with Hilton’s business genius is as good as it gets,

Rock’s First Memoir

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Rock published their first memoir, “You’re That Bitch & Other Cute Lessons About Being Unapologetically Yourself,” on Valentine’s Day. While it could easily have read as a love letter to themself, Rock shared with Shondaland that “it could have easily been called I’m That Bitch. But I wanted the book to circle back into the reader while sharing my story and telling them that you’re that b–ch as well.” He also shared in the interview that his hustler instinct was fueled by being surrounded by businesses growing up, and audiences less familiar with them might be surprised that he spends his time watching Business Insider content and real estate shows. He not so subtly once again hinted at his dreams of starring in a Marvel film with a nod to his love of superhero fashion. Who wouldn’t want a seat at the table of Disney’s $53 Billion business?

Love, Alchemy, & Nike

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Most recently, Rock partnered with Love and Alchemy and Nike to promote some intentions for 2023. In the video, Rock envisioned themself as a best-selling author and expanding their chicken family. The campaign speaks to Rock’s ability to blend overachieving with wellness. They’re proving that they can star in an apparel campaign for one of the most recognizable brands in the world, all while stretching their hamstrings and referencing their healthy work-life balance full of chickens and rainbows. Rock’s Instagram captions reinforce they are “booked, busy,” and “balanced,”

The projects above only begin to skim the surface of the countless ventures Rock throw’s themself into. Rock does endless interviews, photoshoots, and product placements. If there’s anything to learn from the ever-evolving talent, it’s that there’s no horizon out of reach for them. The beauty community may have been Rock’s beginnings, but they’ve proven time and time again that there is little they can’t accomplish across any field. Maybe after conquering other professional spaces they’ll debut a million-dollar makeup line.

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