Australian law student living in the UK provokes outrage with his ratings of UK cities – including the ‘most boring in the world’ and the unsafe places he’d never live

  • Australian student Sebastien Butler caused furore with his ratings
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An Australian man living in Liverpool has caused outrage with his thoughts on the best and worst cities in the UK.

Sebastien Butler, who is originally from Sydney, grouped UK cities into four categories from ‘I’d consider moving here’ to ‘absolute s******e’.

He praised Manchester – where he lived for six months –  as ‘really nice’ adding that he’d love to move there.

‘I’d say the same for Liverpool – really good vibes. The weather’s a bit s**t [in both cities] but that’s the whole of the UK!’ he explained in a clip.

But he slammed parts of Birmingham and Luton, and Grimsby as ‘unsafe’ and said he would ‘never live in the south’ unless it was Bristol or London.  

Sebastien Butler , known by the same name on TikTok is an Australian exchange student currently studying at the University of Liverpool where he has posted several clips highlighting cultural differences between the nations

The student added he appreciated the ‘good nights out’ in Liverpool although described  Leeds as ‘prettier’, adding that he wants to try the ‘Otley Run’ – a 16-pub bar crawl Leeds students do during Freshers’ Week.

Despite raving about northern nightlife, the Aussie hailed Bristol as ‘the best night out in the UK’.

Moving on to the ‘incredible’ capital, Sebastien said he’d be ‘in constant overdraft’ to the point where he ‘wouldn’t be able to afford to live the best life’ – but insisted he would take the plunge if he ‘got really rich one day’. 

He added that ‘York is the prettiest place’ in the UK – but said  he found so little in the way of activity that he ‘felt like I’d seen it all in an hour’.

When it came to Sheffield, the Sydney native didn’t hold back.

He added: ‘It’s a little smaller. It’s just like a worse version of all the places up here’.

The student added that Birmingham was ‘decent to visit’. 

‘I was staying in some posh place in Birmingham [Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield]. 

‘The area he lived in was nice’.

I didn’t go anywhere where I could get stabbed in a canal – so that was alright’.

The undergraduate, who ‘lived in Manchester for six months’ described the city as ‘really nice’ – even going as far as ‘genuinely considering moving from Australia to live there’ in the clip which has reached over 145,000 views

The Essex town Colchester made the ‘decent to visit’ list, as he said it was ‘a nice small town’, but he also found it boring enough to the point where he almost moved it down the list. 

The content creator swiftly moved on to his ‘a bit boring’ category where he included Lancaster, Huddersfield and world-famous university town Cambridge.

Catching on to the stereotype, the TikToker noticed ‘everyone in Cambridge is just inside in the Library, not really active anywhere [else]. It’s just a bit dry’.

Keen on Hudderfield’s football stadium, the influencer admitted there was ‘not much else going on’.

The cities unfortunately allocated the ‘absolute s******e’ category were Luton, Grimsby and Carlisle. 

Sebastien admitted: ‘Grimsby is my football team but as soon as I got here people told me: ‘Don’t go outside in town after 8pm’, and that’s never a good sign’. 

He did grow fond of the beach but felt he could take it or leave it considering he felt his safety could be compromised in the seaside town.

So traumatised by his time in Luton he said: ‘I’m never going to that airport ever again. I’m going to spend the extra £20 on my Ryanair flight to make sure I go anywhere but Luton. Once again I didn’t feel safe’.

A far cry away from the Aussie beaches, Sebastien was still fond of the beach in Grimsby but felt he could take it or leave it considering he felt his safety could be compromised  there (pictured here is Limestone Coast in South Australia, stock image)

However, the ‘worst place in whole of the UK’ for Sebastien was Cumbrian city Carlisle. 

‘I was there for two hours, not by choice – obviously on a train layover.

‘It’s probably the most boring city I’ve ever been to in my whole life. I went to the castle. 

‘I walked for 20 minutes to get there, it was horrible. Absolutely nothing open in the town on a Saturday afternoon – only about four shops.

‘I went to get a kebab – it was like a deconstructed kebab. It was the worst kebab ever. They expected me to put the sauce and meat and wrap on the kebab myself.

‘I’m paying you to do that, it was £5 and I hope I never have the displeasure of going there again. I wouldn’t it on my enemies’.

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