From encouraging you to express your emotions to seeing you as their equal, these are the signs you are dating an emotionally safe person.

Being vulnerable isn’t something that comes easy to everyone.

The idea of opening up to someone new, sharing your deepest thoughts and being truly yourself can take time – especially after dating people where emotional safety isn’t a prority.

Emotional safety is where both people in a relationship feel safe enough to share their open and honest feelings and beliefs without fear of judgement or rejection.

Dating an emotionally safe person and being with someone who allows you to express your emotions free from fear is key and there are ways to detect whether the person you are with is emotionally safe so you don’t have to spend so much time overthinking.

In a recent Instagram post, therapist Amber Elizabeth highlighted the six signs you’re dating an emotionally safe person – starting with them encouraging you to express your emotions and not invalidating them afterwards. “Another sign is that they communicate directly and consistently and they respect your privacy and need for your own life,” she says.

Elizabeth adds that emotionally safe people often see you as their equal and their behaviours reflect this, along with making you feel calm and stable around them and like you can take up space around them.

In the post, which gained over 6,000 likes, many shared their experience of dating someone who isn’t emotionally safe.

“This has become so important to me. Many people I’ve dated haven’t created an environment where I felt emotionally safe and thus comfortable to be vulnerable,” one wrote. “It means these are the things I look for early on and if I don’t feel like they don’t meet these requirements I remove myself from the situation.”

“You should be at peace with the people you are around and emotional unsafety often leads to confusion, overthinking and overanalysing situations,” said another. “I’ve realised this and feel so much better moving forward and entering and exiting situations that are not safe for me emotionally. It’s freeing.”

It’s time to ditch that emotionally unsafe dater in your life in favour of something better – you deserve it.

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