An American woman claims she swore off British men because they are ‘ignorant’ and drink too much.

Jenny Jacobs, 37, from Cincinnati, visited England in 2013 but wasn’t impressed by the UK’s men, saying most are short and out of shape, with bad teeth to boot.

She is now married to Justin Hopkins, a 29-year-old – you guessed it – American, with whom she has two children.

Apparently, she’s not always had such a negative view of men in the UK, and even chatted to a few on dating websites like Beautiful People (which recently made headlines due to its ‘ugly’ features which boots people off the site).

There were plenty of British men to date, but Jenny didn’t feel a spark because she wasn’t physically attracted to them.

It’s not just Brits who rub her the wrong way, she’s also not particularly keen on Russian men.

One British man did however catch her attention thanks to photos of himself on yachts which made him look ‘very successful’, but Jenny was concerned that he didn’t smile in his photos.

The personal trainer likes men with nice teeth and so asked him: ‘I see you’re not showing your teeth in any of your pictures, do you have bad teeth?’.

Apparently, he never replied – which Jenny took as a bad sign to the state of his teeth.

Jenny herself is 5ft 9in tall and is a self-proclaimed ‘fitness nut’, who prefers her men tall and athletic.

Unfortunately, according to her, the British men on the Beautiful People app didn’t fit the criteria.

Jenny was also shocked that the British men she spoke to had difficulty grasping that a woman can be knowledegable about football, and said they were ‘ignorant’.

She did get along with one British man from Brentwood, Essex, and went to see him for four days, during her one and only visit to the UK.

Sadly, although he was nice, she wasn’t attracted to him.

It’s not just physical traits that made Jenny say no to British men.

She also claims many had ‘disgusting’ smoking habits, as well as excessive drinking habits. Meanwhile, she stopped drinking at age 21, coincidentally the legal drinking age in the US.

That’s when it hit her: there was ‘no way’ she’d find a British man ‘who didn’t drink drink every single day’ – and the rest is history.

Thankfully her American husband, who works as a medical researcher, has ‘perfect teeth’ with an ‘athletic’ frame and ‘crystal blue eyes’. He’s also 6ft 4in tall.

The pair have two children together, including their three-month-old son, Xavier, and two-year-old daughter, Miracle.

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