Steve Jobs has left a legacy behind being the co-founder and former Chairman of Apple that has changed the way people perceive technology. Jobs liked to live life to the fullest and enjoyed luxury homes, epic car collections, and expensive motorhomes. One of his purchases was a mega yacht that cost him $138 million. It was customized in every shape and form for him and his family to enjoy. While Jobs passed away before he got to set sail on the Venus, Laurene Powell acquired the yacht and uses it to cruise around famous destinations around the world.

A streamlined exterior with a high-tech interior featuring Apple Products, the Venus is a masterpiece family yacht equipped with every amenity required by the people on board. The family can sail in a powerful engine and comfortable cabins for days with a powerful engine. Let’s look at the luxurious features of the $138 million yacht, Venus.

8 A Custom Creation

The mega yacht Venus is named after the Roman Goddess of Beauty, Virility, and Love. It was made with a collaboration between Jobs and famous French designer Philippe Starck, best known for his interior designs of household objects, watches, and boats. Impressed by his work, Jobs called Starck in 2007 to discuss the idea of building a yacht. The designer traveled to Palo Alto to discuss the boat’s design, and it took Starck merely an hour and a half to complete the final design, as noted by Vanity Fair.

7 Not Built For Charter

Since its inception, the yacht was shrouded in secrecy with very little knowledge about the details. Since the boat belonged to Steve Jobs, it garnered attention. As the yacht was built while Jobs was undergoing his cancer treatment, he knew it wouldn’t be complete until his last days. He left the vessel for his wife and made a family yacht that’s not available for charter. Only Powell and his children can enjoy the boat.

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6 Built For Long Hauls

The yacht was officially delivered in 2012 after being built by Feadship in the Netherlands. According to Super Yacht Fan, the Venus is equipped with 2 MTU engines which are the most popular marine engines used in yachts. It gives a top speed of 20.5 knots with a cruising speed of 18 knots. While it is not the fastest yacht, the engine is built with low displacement for cruising yachts.

5 An Unusual, Clean Exterior

Along with having a profile owner, what truly makes Venus stand out is the exterior. The 78.2-meter superyacht has a glossy silver paint job with stainless steel details along the lines. Venus looks long and lean with a low-slung structure made from glass. Starck created the layout with 90-degree angles and straight lines. The yacht features a flat, squared stern, an ax bow, and a garage. Venus has hidden the satellite equipment and radar arch under a box to keep the exterior clutter-free.

4 Unique Interior Furniture

While Jobs and Starck designed the exterior, the interior was incomplete when the Apple co-founder passed away. Laurene Powell completed the interior furnishings with clean concepts reflected on the exterior. The yacht accommodates 12 guests along with four crew members at a time. As stated by Motor Biscuit, it has a waterfall-fed spa pool with a large garage that can hold large watercraft like a Jet Ski.

3 Custom Apple Products

The eye-catching and unique design of the boat is a reflection of the products like an iPhone or iPad designed by Apple. Aboard the boat, it is no surprise that Venus features the top-of-the-line Apple Products from the Home Pod and iPads to Apple TV and streaming services provided by the brand. The yacht’s bridge is lined with iMac computers instead of the regular screens. The experience of stepping onto Venus would be like entering an Apple store.

2 Patented Remote Control App

An inventor in every shape and form, Steve Jobs registered a patent under his name for a remote control application like an iPhone that can control any marine vessel or yacht. In 2016, the US Patent and Trademark Office approved the remote control device. The touchscreen device displays the yacht’s status and shows subsystem data and which systems are engaged while the vessel is cruising in the water.

1 An Ideal Vacation Yacht

Steve Jobs may have never experienced the opportunity to travel on the boat; however, his family has had many vacations cruising it. As mentioned by Daily Mail, in 2016, Laurene Powell and her three children were spotted vacationing in Europe on the yacht. It is a comfortable yacht that can make week-long adventures a fun trip. The family took a pit spot in Italy and Croatia while traveling the sea.

Along with Phillippe Starck, Steve Jobs created a yacht that would truly stand the test of time. With innovation and a unique design, Venus is one of the most eye-catching yachts designed to date. As Jobs believed in the motto to Think Different, he used the same concept to create a yacht that will always remain a fascinating piece of engineering.

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